Bou – Poison EP [Biological Beats]

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I couldn’t tell you the last time I touched base on a Bio Beats release. Bou and company including my personal favourite T>I here to change the subject. Putting a dent in the jungle drum and bass spectrum while maintaining that dark, grimm atmospheric vibe. When it comes to colabs for me, I really appreciate the production that is not incredibly one sided no matter how ill-conceived the artist involved may perceive to be. Using the Collision EP off of Titan Records as the perfect example of not likely to succeed as a colab for Turno based on his previous productions and A.M.C.. It in fact turned out to be this ground breaking release. Anyways.. Bou, T>I, Telekom and M.A.M.F Poison EP.

Poison, By Bou – Poison EP – Biological Beats

Bcdefgh, or something like that. Is this some sort of code that needs to be deciphered? Our experts at Best Drum And Bass are working hard behind the scenes to get this information to you. This rolling piece of hot tuna has made it to my every day rinse. Layered with kick drum cow bell greatness, yes it has a cow bell. If I could provide a quote from an honorable icon from the golden age of hip hop era on the matter..

“The G The E The T The T The H The I The S The T The U The N The E The E The E The E The E.”
LL Cool J

The Cardinals Return, By T>I & Bou – Poison EP – Biological Beats

Highlighting one collaboration in particular off this release not because I’m a fanboy of T>I, but because of what we talked about earlier when it comes to colabs. This tune is a straight shot at 50/50 across the board, or so it sounds. Signature syncopation of beats coming from T>I with choice vocal sample. Accompanying the sound, Bou with the biggest mid-ranged bassline assault on my ears. These two are the Peanut Butter and Jelly of murky jungle drum and bass. Down below you can catch the remainder of this release. My rating as well as an option to comment, criticize and rate this release for yourself.

Rollers Club, By M.A.M.F & Bou – Poison EP – Biological Beats

Violet, By Telekom & Bou – Poison EP – Biological Beats

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