Bou – Scorpio [Souped Up Records]


Bou brings forth his Scorpio EP on Souped Up Records, adding to his number of top-notch tracks in 2019. The 4 track EP showcases both Bou’s continued evolution as an artist alongside those familiar tricks that made the Drum and Bass community fall in love with the Manchester native.

“Scorpio” opens with ethereal plucks and haunting sub-bass to bring you into the dark void yet to come. Then the listener is whiplashed with an encompassing bassline, a crisp snare, and a synth that could slice through a diamond. Indeed, the astrological significance of the title is not lost on this supermassive black hole of a track, dragging all in with no escape.

That same spacey tone is found in the no-nonsense roller “Spook”. Opening with heavy high hats and dark ambiance before immediately blasting off 22 seconds in with a terror-inducing bassline that more of a roar than a horn. It’s no wonder “Spook” has made the rounds in DJ sets, even landing outside of Drum and Bass circles.

The heavyweight sound continues with “Veteran”. Peppered with fantastic bars from Trigga, “Veteran” features a pleasant and thick sound with grooving percussion that will get the crowd moving while yelling “Bou! Bou!”.

Finally, we come to the magnificent stepper “Superstar”. Teaming up with Souped Up bossman Serum, “Superstar” contains the perfect elements of a summer track with a dark twist: fast and steady drums, stabby bass, and catchy dark guitar riffs.

Overall, the Scorpio EP is a must-have, as each track features a supreme sound design that makes it a pleasure to blast through car speakers or your headphone while on the move. DJs will enjoy as the sound of these tracks makes it an absolute joy to rinse, double drop, or simple let any of these tunes ride out.


About Author

Haji is simply put a tried and true Drum and Bass enthusiast. After being introduced to Drum and Bass in 2012, Haji became entranced by the music so much so he dedicated himself to learning all he can about the music and as a result how to spin it. Now he regularly puts out mixes and spins at shows not for money or fame, but just out of pure love of the art form. SOUNDCLOUD INSTAGRAM FACEBOOK