Broken Note – Nightcrawler [MethLab Recordings]

by | Dec 6, 2016 | Tunes

Broken Note, a producer many of us remember for his break neck dubstep productions resurfaces in Methlabs latest “Revenant EP”. Its clear although Broken Note has generally been off the radar recently, his work in the studio hasn’t slowed down a bit. With a sound more polished and creative then ever “Nightcrawler” shows an exciting change of direction and hopefully the beginning of a new batch of material from Broken Note.

The track opens with a bass riff reminiscent of a rock / industrial piece. Big half time drums are introduced that takes the vibe further into the Industrial soundscape. The track breaks with a pitch bent vocal as you’re hit with some of the hardest and biggest drums heard in recent tunes. The composition repeatedly chews you up and spits you out with heavily punctuated drums and effects. Bassline sorcery is present and apparent with a riff that is stretched, smashed, and punctuated to complement the big beat that carries the tunes Industrial and machine like vibes.

Unique and colorful tunes are always a plus to have in your track list when gigging. Nightcrawler is unmatched in recent times in capturing an Industrial/Rock/Goth vibe that’s refreshing your audience. Be sure to add Broken Notes “Nightcrawler” to your collection as well as check out the other forward thinking features on Methlabs “Revenant EP”

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