Brookes Brothers – So Many Times (Blaine Stranger Remix) [VIPER]

by | Mar 14, 2018 | Tunes

With the Brookes Brothers LP release last year things are cooking up once more at the Viper camp. One of my favorite new producers from down under Blaine Stranger fires up an awfully mighty remix. If you dont know Blaine Stranger by now its best time that you get acclimatized, he’s responsible for delivery some mighty dance floor tunes and hefty remixes throughout the past two years. This time around he is on serious remix duty and the result is nothing short of incredible! Lets jump head first into todays tune and get a closer listen on whats going on.

So Many Times ( Blaine Stranger ) Remix starts off its tone with soft and deep set tones of powerful and moving vocals backed by soft synths and touches of euphoria. as the intro breaks into the build deeply set reese backed with uplifting dance floor leads pick up the pace and lift the energy levels before building percussion into the swift drop. Upon the drop the trackĀ  unleashes waves of smoothly layed basslines and heavily saturated effects bringing the atmosphere together for a formidable weapon of the dancefloor. Carefully chopped vocals in the mix provide that extra danceability and really set the vibes off. The tune continues its part with some phrase changes keeping the mood rolling before the break.

Keep your ears out for this release towards the end of march!

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