BTK – Dead Men Tell No Tales EP [Dispatch Recordings]

by | Sep 20, 2020 | Tunes

Let’s be frank, 2020 has been terrible. With the pandemic raging on across the world, the dance music scene has taken an unfortunate blow. However, if there is one thing I will positively remember about 2020 is that the Brazilian god of drum and bass BTK has been slinging new tracks. Vinicius Honorio aka BTK is a man that all drum and bass enthusiasts will know. From his legendary collaborations with the great Optiv (forever in our hearts) and others to solo releases, and the legacy of his management of Dutty Audio, BTK is an evaluable part of the drum and bass scene. Spending the last few years crafting some sublime techno under his own name, BTK has returned this year with a series of new releases in 2020 with the latest from him coming out this past Friday with the Dead Men Tell No Tales EP on Dispatch Audio.

Opening up the EP in a perfect way is Unity. The intro is what catches you with a fat synth that is drilled into your head while a break plays that sounds akin to the mechanical heartbeat of a cyborg. With a very classic 2000s sound, this track is both warm and dark, with a wobbling bassline, crisp drums with choice percussion, and synths that get your foot tapping.

It wouldn’t be a BTK without getting into The Deep, and the second track of this EP does that in spectacular fashion. With an almost metallic synth and crunchy break, this track gets up to full speed with a pad that sounds straight out of a horror film. All this sets the perfect stage for a groovy bassline that equal parts dark and smooth. Deep and dirty is BTK style, and this track is sure to spice things up.

However, the title track takes the cake with the finesse that is BTK. With true horror movie vibes, this track gets dark with a swirling synth before the sub-bass creeps in ominously. Then with a thumping kick that sounds like the combination of a drill, a bass drum, and a sledgehammer this track gets kicked into overdrive. With a deep and dark tune, this track will take you back to those sleek days of mid 2000’s neurofunk. Apparently, Dead Men Tell No Tales is a bit of a lie, for they would surely speak of this monstrous tune.

Closing out the EP is some tasteful breakbeat that will make you Surrender your wallet to all future BTK releases. Starting with a thumping break and the perfect amount of atmosphere, the beginning eases you in. With ethereal vocals and sharp synths harking to a cyberpunk landscape. With a long into that cox you in, the track gets down to business with fat and warm bass and spectacularly written drums, this will make you want to give everything for another listen.

Dark and funky is the name of the game. From mixing classic neurofunk sound with modern synthesis, this EP defines why BTK is one of the kings within the drum and bass world. If you haven’t heard any of the recent stuff coming from this brilliant mind, then this EP is the place is a good place to start.

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