BTK – Megahertz (Gridlok M.F. Mix) [Dutty Audio]

by | Jan 6, 2017 | Tunes

Few names in Drum & Bass have stood the test of time like Gridlok. A producer that has fought tooth and nail for ages to bring the harder sound of Drum & Bass here to the United States. In his latest outing he gives his signature filth treatment to BTK’s “Megahertz”.

The track opens with another one of Gridlok’s signature vintage horror soundscapes. As the hook is introduced many of the background synths and pads begin to drain away via audio wizardry. As the track stomps into its first dance section, a shaking bassline ensures maximum impact to the dancefloor. accompanying vocal stabs and atmospheric synths fill out the mix and give the track great dimension. Gridlok’s signature fills keep the listener engaged from measure to measure and create contrast throughout the tune.

The evolution of Gridlok’s sound is a marvel in itself. To keep your tracks sounding fresh and innovative while not alienating your core group of followers is an incredibly difficult feat in any genre of music. Gridlok has achieved this in the realm of Drum & Bass, remaining distinctly himself while pushing the boundaries of the music simultaneously. You can listen to some of his earliest cuts side by side with some of his most recent and they are unmistakably “him”.

Be sure to give “Megahertz (Gridlok M.F. Mix)” the proper rinse at your next set of dates. The reactions will speak for themselves.

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