Beneath the Surface 012 – Hosted by KNOXZ

by | Jul 10, 2018 | Mixes, Podcast

Ay, gun fingers in the air! Best Drum & Bass Podcasts is at its 200th episode!

Now, I’ve only done 12 shows here but I couldn’t pass up the acknowledgement. Big up Bad Syntax for keeping it nonstop and I’m happy to join in. Now, with that said we are going full force in this weeks podcast. HUGE pick of the week by Melissa, An amazing gem that you should all add to your collection, and Mr. Clark-Dickerson informs you of yet another FREE tune! *Side note – there’s actually 2 FREE tunes in this mix today so go grab em and don’t forget to give us a like and share if you feeling the vibes!

Ep 12 Tracklist

  1. Synergy / Moon_Presence [Eatbrain]
  2. The Clamps / Mankind [Kosen]
  3. Synergy / Signal [Eatbrain]
  4. Cod3x / Nothing [Eatbrain]
  5. Cod3x / Technology [Eatbrain]
  6. TR Tactics / Vision (Disphonia Remix) [Mainframe]
  7. Kutlo / Raw [Mainframe]
  8. Synergy / Pillow Puncher [Eatbrain]
  9. Synergy / The Abyss [Eatbrain]
  10. Kanine / Dancefloor [Titan]
  11. Suspect / Medusa (Free download link below) [Raving Panda]
  12. SCREAMARTS / Don´t Fight The Feeling [T3K]
  13. *Joe Ford / Let It Out [Shogun Audio]
  14. TR Tactics & The Clamps / Maggot (Zombie Cats Remix) [Mainframe]
  15. Maztek feat. Miss Trouble / The Foundation (RedPill Remix) [0101 Music]
  16. The Clamps / Soul Of The Abyss [Kosen]
  17. TR Tactics / Unreal (DubApe Remix) [Mainframe]
  18. Cod3x & Valrus / Slick [Eatbrain]
  19. *Goldie & Commix / Envious [Metalheadz]
  20. Cambridge / Genesis Revisited [Beat Enforcers]
  21. Isaac Maya & Rainforest ft. Sirius Soundz / Cannibal [Lowfreqmx]
  22. Kanine / Feelings [Titan]
  23. EiZO / Mold [Hyperactivity]
  24. Synergy / The Moment [Eatbrain]
  25. Kanine / Spirit Motion [Titan]
  26. Ownglow / Wonder [Drum&BassArena]
  27. Ed Is Dead / Family Dance (Dub Elements Remix) [Idioteque]
  28. Cod3x / Illegal Sound [Eatbrain]
  29. Ownglow / Strip It Down [Drum&BassArena]
  30. Coolhand Flex / Dark Side [Mac 2]
  31. Kyo & OneMind / Play To Lose [Symmetry Recordings]
  32. *Catch-22 / Years Of Research (Free download link below) [Raving Panda]

*music separate from mix.

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KNOXZ started his solo project a little over 3 years ago and hails from South Florida, USA. He’s already had quite a few major releases on labels such as Renegade Hardware, Human Imprint, and Flex recordings. Expect nothing but high quality entertainment with this new weekly series of podcasts for Best Drum and Bass!