Beneath the Surface 029 – Hosted by KNOXZ w/ Special Guest EmpireX

by | Nov 6, 2018 | Mixes, Podcast

Huge is an understatement! BTS 29 is full of fresh heavyweight tunes and one DEADLY guest mix from Empire X.

We’re back with another live 3 deck mix from KNOXZ long side a huge mix from a true veteran in the game, the mighty Empire X! This week is definitely all about the vibes. “Melissa Music Pick of the Week” features a big tune featured on UKF, “All about the Gems” showcases a remix from 2001 that slays, and Mr. Clark-Dickerson introduces Empire X’s mix in “All Things D&B.” Tune in right now, right here, on Best Drum and Bass!

Ep 29 Tracklist

  1. Kursiva & Isaac May / Mexican Gang [Technique Recordings]
  2. Picota & Kumbh / Soul Night [Fokuz]
  3. Humanon & Holotrope / Skeleton Rock [Bad taste]
  4. Mean Teeth & Logam / Vampire Hunter [Free DL – Santoku]
  5. Zeal / Release [Program]
  6. Fragz & Phentix / Back To The Past [C4C Limited]
  7. The Clamps feat. Tasha Baxter / The Chase (Fourward Remix) [Trendkill Records]
  9. Avok-Self_Destruct_Abducted_10_Year_Anniversary_LP
  10. Humanon & Subhype / Switch [Bad taste]
  11. *Sigma, Lethal Bizzle, Diztortion, Jacob Banks / Redemption (Sigma VIP Remix) [3beat Records]
  12. Humanon & Subhype / Contrast [Bad taste]
  13. Bobby / Speak Of The Devil [Kosen]
  14. Unsub__n0isemakeR_-_Tweaker_Abducted_10_Year_Anniversary_LP
  15. Picota & Kumbh / Nebulosa [Fokuz]
  16. Picota & Kumbh / Sunchine [Fokuz]
  17. Dub Elements / Hey! [DEM Recordings]
  18. Dub Elements / Like This [DEM Recordings]
  19. Insom_-_Noisefunk_Abducted_10_Year_Anniversary_LP
  20. KNOXZ / My Style [WIP]
  21. Ogonek / Dream On (Max Shade Remix) [
  22. *Dylan – Dark Skies (The Remix) [Cylon] 2001
  23. Transforma / The Darkest Void [
  24. Teddy Killerz / Afrika [Eatbrain]
  25. Transforma / Decoder [Bad taste]
  26. Velos__NLIC_-_Sycorax_Abducted_10_Year_Anniversary_LP
  27. Exile / Listen & Run [Technique Recordings]

*music separate from mix.

Empire X Tracklist

  1. Abis – Battlecry – (Let It Roll)
  2. Prolix – Beat Down (ft. DC Breaks) – (Blackout Music NL)
  3. Drumsound & Bassline Smith, Teddy Killerz – Metal & Blood – (Blackout Music NL)
  4. Fa11out – Necronaks – (C4C Recordings)
  5. Vosko – Bones (XtronX Remix) – (Mindocracy Recordings)
  6. Lavance – Cricket – (Lifestyle Music)
  7. Saintone – Hypnotics (Bons remix) – (Raving Panda Records)
  8. Night Shift feat. Dread MC – War – (Get Hype Records)
  9. Current Value – Sonar – (Invisible)
  10. Neonlight – Bitcoin – (Blackout Music NL)
  11. Vorso – Needle (QZB remix) – (Flexout)

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Empire X Bio:

EMPIRE X Was born in Florida where he was raised into a family of musicians and music producers by a Mother well known for her talents as a singer. At the age of 15 X was putting on live shows locally for young audiences dancing, rapping and rhyming lyrics at venues with a group of teenage performers. This was just the beginning of Empire X’s many musical talents. Since the day he was old enough to realize the “art” of music, X knew he had something in him musically that he was not going to let be unheard or unknown. He was originally introduced to the Jungle hard core music scene in the early 90’s which led to him meeting a local DJ in 1993 by the name of Chad Allen that caught his interest and provided him with his first introduction to DJ’ing. X found himself very intrigued with the ability a DJ had to capture the mind, body and soul of every person in the club by spinning vinyl and performing talents. In 1994 he started spinning out at clubs and parties which eventually led to music production. Since his life of Drum and Bass production began EMPIRE X has become a member of many major organizations and recording labels Such as Freak/Obscene UK, Future Sickness Rec. UK, Mind Saw Rec. NY, Foul Play Rec. Fl, Tech Cycle Rec. Russia,Force Rec. Fl. and Order in Kaos Rec. UK.

Throughout X’s musical career he has performed with many musical talents such as Dylan, Robyn Chaos, Gain, Evol Intent, Empress, Panacea,Limewax, Kryteria, Mumblz, and many more.


  • Freak/Obscene
  • Future Sickness
  • Jungle Syndicate
  • Order In Kaos
  • Tech Cycle
  • Black Hoe
  • Ex Machina
  • Force
  • Foul Play
  • Mindocracy
  • Danger Chamber Digital
  • Theoryon DnB

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