Beneath the Surface 032 – Hosted by KNOXZ w/ Special Guest Electron C

by | Nov 27, 2018 | Mixes, Podcast

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Ep 32 Tracklist

  1. Mean Teeth / Slipdub [C4C Recordings]
  2. SpectraSoul / Organiser (Circuits Rewire) [Critical Music]
  3. Misanthrop, Synergy, Misanthrop & Synergy / Slap the Ghost (Original Mix) [NËU]
  4. KNOXZ – Check It [WIP]
  5. Redpill / Fusion [Eatbrain]
  6. Mean Teeth & Insect / Mudrub [C4C Recordings]
  7. High Maintenance / No More Time [AudioPorn]
  8. Mefjus, Loadstar / If I Could (Loadstar Remix) [Vision Recordings]
  9. Disaszt / Siren [AudioPorn]
  10. *Counterstrike / Damaged (Magna Karta) [Core Prod] 2004 
  11. Rido / Alien [Blackout Music NL]
  12. Hydro, DLR / Trick [Sofa Sound]
  13. Data 3 / Komparen [Flexout Audio]
  14. Vici / Coma [Hyperactivity]
  15. Mean Teeth / Facesplitta [C4C Recordings]
  16. Mean Teeth / Halo [C4C Recordings]
  17. Deffcon / The Shire [BlackMonsta]
  18. Merikan / Torn (Mean Teeth Remix) [C2D]
  19. DJ Hybrid / Run Tune Now [Audio Addict]
  20. *T.G.M / Splinter [Danger Chamber]
  21. Hydro, War, DLR / Not Too Late [Sofa Sound]
  22. S.P.Y / Rock da House [Hospital Records]
  23. Avenax / Somebody (ChaseR Remix) [Ignescent]

*Music Separate from mix.

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Electron C Tracklist

  1. Logistics / Hayling [Hospital Records]
  2. Camo & Crooked (feat Robb) / Slow Down (Paul SG Remix) [RAM Records]
  3. Surreal / Leaving Town [Fokuz Recordings]
  4. Command Strange / TKO [Liquid V]
  5. Scott Allen / So Blue (Paul SG Remix) [Soul Deep Exclusives]
  6. Kream, Clara Mae / Drowning (Keeno Remix) [Big Beat Records]
  7. Commix / Daggers Dub [Dispatch]
  8. Low:r (feat Degs) / Heron’s Skankout [Terra Firma]
  9. Break / Time to Fly [Symmetry Recordings]
  10. Juiceman / Natural Tingz [Liquid V]
  11. DJ Spiller, Degs / Struggles (Dancefloor Edit) [Wild West Recordings]
  12. Bladerunner, Aries, Rony Blue / Falling (Bladerunner Remix) [Born On Road]
  13. Whiney / The Capital [Medschool]
  14. Brookes Brothers / Every Minute (Bladerunner Remix) [Drum & Bass Arena]
  15. Document One / Cosmic Funk [Shogun Audio]
  16. T-Phonic & Deadman / The Sound of Now [Technique Recordings]
  17. Mitekiss / Human (teased) [Hospital Records]
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Electron C Bio

Electron-C is a drum & bass DJ/Producer, originally from Orlando, FL – Now residing in Charlotte, NC.
Also known as Andrew Hague, he’s pushing the sounds of Liquid Funk, New (and classic) Jungle, and up-front dancefloor.
You can catch him on all the socials /electronCdj, including Soundcloud, Mixcloud, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.
Shout outs to TorqueDNB, the Jungala crew in Orlando, Queen City Jungle and SERJ nightclub in Charlotte.



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