Beneath the Surface 038 – Hosted by KNOXZ & Raket!

by | Jan 16, 2019 | Mixes, Podcast

Like Neuro? Like Jungle? Don’t worry we got you covered!

Yes, this is the 38th installment of Beneath the Surface featuring all the usual good from “Melissa’s Music Pick of the Week,” to “All About the Gems,” along with Mr. Clark-Dicerkson introducing a massive all original production mix from the one like Racket in “All Things D&B.” Racket is CEO of Wicked Jungle Records so do go look that up as well. And hey, let’s keep going full force into 2019 Best Drum and Bass style! (Click the links below)

Ep 38 Tracklist

  1. Kursiva & Impak / Transpose (Redpill Remix) [Red Light Records]
  2. CZA / Creature Geek [C4C Recordings]
  3. Kursiva, Loop Stepwalker & Few But Crazy / Speedline (Juno Remix) [Red Light Records]
  4. Fa11out / Broken Bones [C4C Recordings]
  5. Mean Teeth / Unleashed [C4C Recordings]
  6. Alerstorm & Mozo / Othell [C4C Recordings]
  7. IHR / Tracked [C4C Recordings]
  8. Abis / Dovetails [C4C Recordings]
  9. Transforma / Broken Clocks [C4C Limited]
  10. Shodan / Oblique
  11. *DC Breaks / Lock In [RAM]
  12. Kursiva / Hydra (Vici Remix) [Red Light Records]
  13. Rido / Unity [C4C Recordings]
  14. Disphonia, Optiv & CZA / Critical Mass [C4C Recordings]
  15. Kursiva / Shattered (Synth Ethics Remix) [Red Light Records]
  16. RMS / Resisted [Delta9 Recordings]
  17. KNOXZ / Belly of the Beast ft. Blud Fiya [WIP]
  18. RMS & MSDOS / Painstake [Delta9 Recordings]
  19. Mystic State / Sling Blade [Context Audio]
  20. Transforma / Apparition [C4C Limited]
  21. Optiv & CZA / Arrival [C4C Recordings]
  22. IHR / Skorpio (Merikan Remix) [C4C Recordings]
  23. Cause4Concern / Synergy (Jade Remix) [C4C Recordings]
  24. Tobax / Steinhagel [C4C Recordings]
  25. Kursiva & Benny Page / Preditah (Filip Motovunski Remix) [Red Light Records]
  26. * The Upbeats / Ghobi Ghost feat. Teknik [Project 51]

*Music Separate from live mix.

Racket Tracklist

1. Raket – Osiris
2. Self Aware – Da Bronx (raket remix)
3. Raket – Book of Ninpo VIP mix
4. Jungle’s Raising – Self Aware
5. Self Aware – Sun Stroke
6. Self Aware – Sunday Tings
7. Raket – The Spot
8. Raket – Sacred Vine
9. Raket – Ionization

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KNOXZ started his solo project a little over 3 years ago and hails from South Florida, USA. He’s already had quite a few major releases on labels such as Renegade Hardware, Human Imprint, and Flex recordings. Expect nothing but high quality entertainment with this new weekly series of podcasts for Best Drum and Bass!