Beneath the Surface 040 – Hosted by KNOXZ


Massive 3 deck set once again + all the great segments along with some special brand new releases. Strictly BTS 040!!!

Get ready for one of the best shows yet! Huge mix featuring all brand new and forthcoming releases, especially Joanna Syze’s new Lp forthcoming Othercide Records! And as always, stella segments including this week, the brand new release of aQer & Realtime out now on Patrol the Skies Music! Tell a friend tell a friend, Beneath the Surface episode 40, right here on the Best Drum and Bass Podcast!

Ep 40 Tracklist

  1. Bl4ck Owlz / Supernova [Kill Tomorrow]
  2. KNOXZ / Son of Night Rust [IDK WIP]
  3. Alerstorm / Was Great [0101 Music]
  4. QO feat. Julia Marks / Red Lazers [Hoofbeats Music]
  5. Joanna Syze & Zardonic (Redpill remix) / My Prey [Othercide Records]
  6. Geist / Voyager [
  7. Joanna Syze & AKOV / Archangel [Othercide Records]
  8. *Joe Ford / Let It Out [Shogun Audio]
  9. Embers of light / Two Four [Four Corners]
  10. Bl4ck Owlz / Perfect Match [Kill Tomorrow]
  11. Malux / Fonk (Disprove Remix) [Bad Taste Recordings]
  12. Joanna Syze & Mizo / Dark Days [Othercide Records]
  13. Data 3 / Stalker [Soulvent Records]
  14. Unreal Project / Waiting [Hyperactivity Music]
  15. #### / Doc001 [Soulvent Records]
  16. Digital & Gremlinz / Low Battery [Function Records]
  17. Skantia / Slapstik [Program]
  18. Kuantum / Nu Feel [Hyperactivity Music]
  19. Gunston / Mox Plot [Hyperactivity]
  20. Total Science, Digital & Spirit / Cookie Monster [C.I.A v Phantom Audio]
  21. Gunston / Trunc [Hyperactivity]
  22. Digital / Bitter Switch [Function Records]
  23. *Universal Project & Vicious Circle / Hellrazor 2006 [Universal Projects Recordings]
  24. Bytecode / Disruption [Red Light Records]
  25. Dead Zodiac / Hammer [Dub maybe Protocode?]
  26. Bytecode / Flux [Red Light Records]
  27. Joanna Syze & Barbarix / The Broken [Othercide Records]
  28. Billain, Signal / Black Nazareth [Bad Taste Recordings]
  29. *arQer & Realtime / Crawl Your Way Out  [Patrol The Skies Music]

*Music Separate from live mix.

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KNOXZ started his solo project a little over 3 years ago and hails from South Florida, USA. He’s already had quite a few major releases on labels such as Renegade Hardware, Human Imprint, and Flex recordings. Expect nothing but high quality entertainment with this new weekly series of podcasts for Best Drum and Bass!