Beneath the Surface 042 – Hosted by KNOXZ


Another day, another dolla.. Keep your money, BTS 42 is FREE99 Baby! KNOXZ collabos and a TON of others bangers on this weeks show, click below!

Yea, do check out this weeks podcast fully loaded with heaters to warm up the place. Two collaborative works in progress from KNOXZ and Glitch and another by KNOXZ along side KS. Both, will set off the vibes proper! Plus, don’t miss out on all the other segments. Especially where Mr. Clark Dickerson features a brand new forthcoming War on Silence tune from Crissy Criss and Funtcase!

Ep 42 Tracklist

  1. Hadley / Stand Alone [Four Corners]
  2. Sequend / Queasy [C2D]
  3. Addikts / Tolerate [Kill Tomorrow]
  4. Void / All Lazers [Mayan Audio]
  5. Void / Slingshot [Mayan Audio]
  6. Knoxz + Glitch – mental state [WIP]
  7. Gydra / No Kidding [Neuropunk Records]
  8. KNOXZ and KS / LYCAN [WIP]
  9. Teddy Killerz / Person [Neuropunk Records]
  10. Dead Zodiac & Esym / Theyre Coming! [ProtoCode]
  11. Sequend / Lockhead [C2D]
  12. Vertex, Fearend & Kilobite / Emitter [Kill Tomorrow]
  13. *Magnetude / Broken [Lifted]
  14. Sequen / Uppercut [C2D]
  15. NEOH feat DOHSER MC / Shockdown (NFUNK Remix) [Black Monsta]
  16. SineForm / Merkabah [Kill Tomorrow]
  17.  In:Most / Uh! ft. Walk:r [Soulvent Records]
  18.  Sam Harris / See [Four Corners]
  19. Koax / Shine [Four Corners]
  20.  Klinical / Without You [Four Corners]
  21.  Esym / Beneath The Light [Kill Tomorrow]
  22.  Oat= x Kca / OHM [Four Corners]
  23. Sublimit / Between The Lines [Four Corners]
  24.  Jade & Rusher / Silent Hell [C2D]
  25. *Survival / Sidewinder [DNAUDIO] 2007
  26. Aeph / The Burning Shadow [C2D]
  27. Traced / See No Stars [Kill Tomorrow]
  28. Bass Banditz / Bandits & Villains [Histeria Records]
  29. Axiom / Phalanx [C2D]
  30. Jade & CELL D / Synth City [C2D]
  31. Objectiv / The Greyhound [Addictive Behaviour]
  32. Lavance & Colossus feat. J:S / No Time To Lose [Context Audio]
  33. *Crissy Criss & Funtcase / Malfunction [War On Silence]

*Music Separate from live mix.

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KNOXZ started his solo project a little over 3 years ago and hails from South Florida, USA. He’s already had quite a few major releases on labels such as Renegade Hardware, Human Imprint, and Flex recordings. Expect nothing but high quality entertainment with this new weekly series of podcasts for Best Drum and Bass!