Beneath the Surface 044 – Hosted by KNOXZ & Dj Regrade

by | Feb 26, 2019 | Mixes, Podcast

Blast ya with the FOH FOH. It’s the 44th week straight coming at ya right here on the Best Drum and Bass Podcast, BOH!

Ay ay, BTS 44 is here! That’s right and we got a special guest mix by none other than DJ Regrade. Connor is a man of many musical talents so get ready for his half time and dnb mix along with some killer originals from him as well. All that along with all the great things BTS, we do not disappoint! Oh, and dont forget to sub now on Spotify as well!

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Ep 44 Tracklist

  1. Cruk, Shyun / Breathe [Critical Music]
  2. TR Tactics / Domination [Kosenprod]
  3. Cruk, Shyun / Wreckage [Critical Music]
  4. TR Tactics / The Wasp [Kosenprod]
  5. TR Tactics / Intoxicated [Kosenprod]
  6. Cruk, Shyun / Creatures [Critical Music]
  7. Audio, Synergy / Dungeon [Blackout Music NL]
  8. Tantrum Desire / Unleashed [Technique Recordings]
  9. The Clamps & NickBee / Addicted [Kosen]
  10. Kolt / Call of the Void [Eatbrain]
  11. Culprate / Beat Down [MethLab Recordings]
  12. Knoxz + Glitch / mental state [Unsigned]
  13. *Calyx & TeeBee / Shiver [RAM]
  14. Synergy / Vector [Blackout Music NL]
  15. TR Tactics / Raw Instinkts [Kosenprod]
  16. Ephyum / Magic Circle [C2D]
  17. Mean Teeth / Halo [C4C Recordings]
  18. The Clamps / The First and The Last [Kosen]
  19. Ephyum / Hypnosis [C2D]
  20. Bytecode / Disruption [Red Light Records]
  21. Barbarix & Volatile Cycle / Bottle Opener [MethLab Recordings]
  23. Phaction / Aviatrix feat. Riya [Metalheadz]
  24. *SKC – Space Pigz (Black Sun Empire Remix) [Hostile Recordings]

*Music Separate from live mix.

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Dj Regrade – Special guest mix


  1. DJ Regrade – Freehand – Unsigned
  2. Moresounds – Shut Up – Astrophonica
  3. Signal – CRSH’d – Invisible
  4. Clashtone – Shapeshifter – Eatbrain
  5. Razat – D Sheeeit – I AM SO HIGH .Recs
  6. Mad Zach – Brootle – Deadbeats
  7. Dub Phizix & Fixate – Hotfoot – Exit Records
  8. DJ Regrade – Under Radar – Unsigned
  9. Whiney – Triple Duppy Demon (ft Hugh Hardie & Truthos Mufasa) – Medschool
  10. Wingz – I Got (Vorso Remix) – Flexout
  11. Noisia & The Upbeats – Long Shadows feat. Goth-Trad and DJ Kentaro – No Sleep Til
  12. Rider Shafique, Lewis James, Sam Binga – Everfresh – Astrophonica
  13. DJ Regrade – FLTE – Unsigned

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A veteran of both the live and electronic music scenes in the Tampa Bay Area, St. Petersburg FL resident Connor Head performs in multiple bands, creates Drum & Bass, House, and more under different monikers, and has a degree in Music Industry/Recording Arts. With 15 years experience, Ministry of Sound Radio airplay, and label signings in 3 countries, it’s time to launch a new project and push a new sound.

Inspired by the dark, groovy, messy, but crisp sound of Leftfield and Halftime D&B artists like Ivy Lab, Halogenix, Ascent, and Mad Zach, Connor is delving into the deeper, darker, more Hip-Hop influenced side of Drum & Bass with a passion unrivaled by most. Welcome to Leftfield Bass.



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KNOXZ started his solo project a little over 3 years ago and hails from South Florida, USA. He’s already had quite a few major releases on labels such as Renegade Hardware, Human Imprint, and Flex recordings. Expect nothing but high quality entertainment with this new weekly series of podcasts for Best Drum and Bass!