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Yes, Beneath the Surface episode 57 comes through full force with nothing but new and forthcoming tunes! Pair that with your ever so delightful segments, along with a couple WIPS from KNOXZ, and you’re feeling like you just scored a BOGO deal on some organic chai lattes! Well, thats how Mr. Clark-Dickerson from BTS’s ‘All Things D&B Segment’ tells it. We say believe him and give this podcast a listen! #tellafriendtotellafriend

KNOXZ’s new release on Wicked Jungle Records!

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Ep 57 Tracklist

  1. Hector / Lanterns [C2D]
  2. Audio / Atomize [Snake Pit Records]
  3. ChaseR / Technical Move [Ignescent]
  4. Oat / Confession [T3K]
  5. Disprove / Am I [Surveillance]
  6. OaT / Blackface [T3K]
  7. Gridlok / It’s Not Techno [Hospital Records]
  8. Kid_Mix-A-Lot_-_The_Stopper__
  9. Exile / The After Death [Mayan Audio]
  10. Abis / Ignition [Let It Roll]
  11. 3RDKND featuring Donny, Forbidden Society and Katharsys / Kill [Copyright Control]
  12. Des McMahon / Tipping Point [Trendkill Records]
  13. ChaseR / Railways [Ignescent]
  14. Deficit / Eternum (Wreckless Remix) [AutomAte]
  15. ChaseR / Bring Me Down [Ignescent]
  16. Creatures & Defex / Retribution [Lost The Plot]
  17. Draize / Guttermouth [Lost Recordings]
  18. Karlixx_-_One_Puff
  19. Kid_Mix-A-Lot_-_Badbwoy_stance
  20. OaT / Close Management [T3K]
  21. Despersion / Sawmill [Kill Tomorrow]
  22. Mindset / Jeskdet [0101 Music]
  23. Mindset / Delusion [0101 Music]
  24. Calyx & TeeBee / Look to the Skies [RAM Records]
  25. Burr Oak / Struggle [Trendkill Records]
  26. Lights Out / Dance with the Devil [Eatbrain]
  27. Dorian & Skore / Powertool (Hamilton Remix) [Mainframe Recordings]
  28. Rinino / My House [The Dreamers]
  29. Bladerunner / Level Up [Hi Resolution]
  30. Rido / Remember [Rido Music]
  31. *Inja, Benny L / Vanta Blackin  [Metalheadz
  32. *DJ Red / Everything Has Changed [True Playaz] 2000
  33. *KNOXZ / Yout Dem [Wicked Jungle]

*Music separate from mix.

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KNOXZ started his solo project a little over 3 years ago and hails from South Florida, USA. He’s already had quite a few major releases on labels such as Renegade Hardware, Human Imprint, and Flex recordings. Expect nothing but high quality entertainment with this new weekly series of podcasts for Best Drum and Bass!