Beneath the Surface 061 – Hosted by KNOXZ & Dj Bownce


You better Axe somebody! ⛏️⛏️⛏️ BTS61 is where its at!

Oh yes, Beneath the Surface episode 61 comes raw with the vibes. So raw you better not tell the FDA! We are bringing you all the dirty business in this weeks podcast! All the usual segments, plus a special guest mix from Bownce. Now Bownce hails from West Palm Beach Florida and hand selected a grip of golden era vinyls just for the show. We can not tell you enough to click the play button on your favorite player below and get down with the sickness!

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Ep 61 Tracklist

  1. Dezpot & Prophekt – Zombie Apocalypse [Abducted LTD]
  2. Dezpot & Prophekt – The Fog [Abducted LTD]
  3. Profane & Esym / Prophecy [ProtoCode]
  4. Ozma / Jazz Time [Neuropunk Records]
  5. Profane / Cosmic Dub (ChaseR Remix) [ProtoCode]
  6. Malux & Prolix & Jakes / Flip Out [Trendkill Records]
  7. Mv / Tower Of Terror [C2D]
  8. Konstructor / BQuake [Copyright Control]
  9. Profane/ Retribution [ProtoCode]
  10. Ozma / Killah [Neuropunk Records]
  11. Sub Killaz, Celerity / Ambulate [Divination Recordings]
  12. Dezpot & Prophekt – Bakemono [Abducted LTD]
  13. Mv / Black Opium (Transforma Remix) [C2D]
  14. Maverick Soul / Samsara [Emcee Recordings]
  15. SUPER RUSH /Being a [Black Monsta]
  16. Jack Boston feat. Vanity Jay / The Place (DJ Edit) [Symmetry Recordings]
  17. Profane / Dystopian Dream [ProtoCode]
  18. Maverick Soul / Siphon [Emcee Recordings]
  19. Ozma / Unknown Language [Neuropunk Records]
  20. Ozma / Get Down [Neuropunk Records]
  21. Flat T / Crimeside [Ruffneck Ting]
  22. Constrict / Paradise (Koherent Remix) [Context Audio]
  23. *EBK / 2000:2000 [Composite Recs] 2001
  24. *Millbrook / Rituals [Viper]

*Music separate from mix.

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Dj Bownce Tracklist
  1. Dom & Roland – Soundwall Vip White label
  2. A – Sides – Evolvement
  3. Future Prphecies – Electronic Funk
  4. Gein – Fear Fission – Vandalism
  5. Dj Flux – Ransack (Usual Suspects rmx)
  6. Mason & Fuzzy Logic – Punishment
  7. B Key – Element
  8. Technical Itch – Telekinetic (Black Sun Empire rmx)

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KNOXZ started his solo project a little over 3 years ago and hails from South Florida, USA. He’s already had quite a few major releases on labels such as Renegade Hardware, Human Imprint, and Flex recordings. Expect nothing but high quality entertainment with this new weekly series of podcasts for Best Drum and Bass!