Beneath the Surface 080 – Hosted by KNOXZ

by | Nov 23, 2021 | Mixes, Podcast

Better reload the gun fingers for this one!

Episode 80 goes off with a bang no doubt! KNOXZ once again brings you some of the most iconic underground drum and bass to date. All along with the usual suspects, i mean segments, you are sure to hit the mark with this one. Make sure to stay for the bonus round at the end as Mr. Clark Dickerson debuts a very top-secret weapon!

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Ep. 80 Tracklist:

*Magnetude ft. Julia Marks / Dead Leaves [We Are Lifted]

*Optiv / Flatworm [Red Light]

*Bobby / Speak of the Devil (VIP) KNOXZ Edit

*Music separate from mix.

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KNOXZ started his solo project a little over 3 years ago and hails from South Florida, USA. He’s already had quite a few major releases on labels such as Renegade Hardware, Human Imprint, and Flex recordings. Expect nothing but high quality entertainment with this new weekly series of podcasts for Best Drum and Bass!