Abducted LTD 100 Release Mix – BTS Ep.085 / Podcast 414

by | Dec 16, 2022 | Mixes, Podcast

Abducted LTD is at its 100th release! I personally want to thank Dorian and all his efforts for putting together so many great releases and topping it off with this huge compilation Lp! When Bad Syntax needed someone to put together this mix showcase i was honored to give it a go. I really think you all are going to like this one. See the tracklist below and immediately you’ll see a slew of heavy hitters. Abducted LTD is not going anywhere anytime soon and this release proves that in a major way. Press play and get a world exclusive preview of the 100th Abducted LTD compilation LP. Definitely want to say a big thank you too to all of the listeners as well, this ones for you! – KNOXZ.

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Ep. 85 Tracklist:

Avile x Sindicate – Apokalipsis [Abducted LTD – 100 LP]

Focusfire – Space Horror [SLK 100]

Subminderz – Roller Ball [SLK 100]

Bad Syntax – Horrors [SLK 100]

Despersion – Priora [SLK 100]

2. 2Whales – Neurofunk Dog [SLK 100]


Avoider x Zaiaku – Ferrofluid [Abducted LTD – 100 LP]

Momentum – War Dance [Abducted LTD – 100 LP]

Scout 22 – Mythic Monsters [Root97]

Bobby – Carnage [Abducted LTD – 100 LP]

Blast – Make It Right [Abducted LTD – 100 LP]

Liveon – All Along The Way [Abducted LTD – 100 LP]

Diode – Redsky [Abducted LTD – 100 LP]

The Fi5th – Elemental Wraith [Abducted LTD – 100 LP]

BaSys & The Fi5th – Bass Plasma [Root97]

Nurve – Scorcher [Root97]

Scaramanga & BaSys – Scatter brain [Root97]

Rico – Shipyard [Root97]

Shrike x Impex – The Queen [Abducted LTD – 100 LP]

Dialective – Mechanism [Abducted LTD – 100 LP]

KraKN – Renegade [Abducted LTD – 100 LP]

KROT – Look Around [SLK 100]

Despersion x Krot – Hot Like Fire [Abducted LTD – 100 LP]

Dead Zodiac – Sleazy [SLK 100]

Stonx – Ld50 [Abducted LTD – 100 LP]

Traced – No Where To Run Ft Kryptomedic [Abducted LTD – 100 LP]

Shayper – Karan [Abducted LTD – 100 LP]

BaSys – Override [Root97]

KNOXZ – Crash Test (Break Down) [Abducted LTD – 100 LP]

Sinister Souls – Reaper [Abducted LTD – 100 LP]

Scout 22 – MindKiller [Abducted LTD – 100 LP]

ESKR – Move You [Abducted LTD – 100 LP]

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