Bungle – Angles/Cold Call [Spearhead Records]

by | Nov 1, 2020 | Tunes

“Ahh Bungle” is immediately what I think when I hear the sublime sounds of the Brazilian producer. Pumping out tunes from the beginning of the year, we get yet another slice of the sonic delights from the Sãn Paulo producer, courtesies of Spearhead Records.

Starting with some serious A-side is Angles. True to the name, there is a variety of sounds for you to get lost to. The intro shows this perfectly, with the litany of analog-esque synths, from the droning pad to the staccato keys, to the fluttering synths that waver with filtering. Even when the drums come in you can feel the slight attenuation on the kicks and portions of the amen break, giving it a dynamic feel to it. All these elements pull together excellently with the thumping bassline, combined with soaring synths that bring you back to the early 2000s.

Now we all love how complex and intense Bungle can be with his production (I’m looking at you Cocooned) there’s something to be said about how satisfying the simplicity of a well-made tune can be. Cold Call in an oxymoron manner is a warm example of that. With no-nonsense, the track starts with a simple solid drum beat that gets kicked up to 11 with the simple addition of a shuffling high hat. Then with grace, a warm double bass lines adds to the meat of the track, all the while sounds drift in and out, with soaring pads that blur between vocals to warbling synths, to modulated and slightly distorted chords. But even with all of this, it sits at a comfortable level, filling the speakers without overbearing on your ears.

Not with any surprise, Bungle knocks it out of the park with a serene single that will make even the most jaded neurofunk fan want to groove to some liquid. Make sure you snag your copy today!




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