Burner Brothers – Armed & Dangerous [Patrol The Skies]

by | Mar 10, 2017 | Tunes

The Burner Brothers are an institution in the American drum and bass scene, having a knowledge of nearly 3 Decades in the game they have seen things come and go but remain holding the flag high and mighty for their sound. Having played all over the United States in nearly every city from the 90’s until now they don’t show any signs of slowing down their relentless and high energy approach to drum and bass. Dj Seen has been busy supporting the scene and up and coming producers with DNB Vault and his own imprint ” Patrol The Skies ” music responsible for unleashing plenty of wicked tunes as of recent. Lets hop into their latest tune!

” Armed and Dangerous ” come with a full force strike right out of the gate as full time heavy set percussion bashing away into the forefront as ” 911 Whats your emergency ” can be heard as other police vocal samples can be heard describing the perpetrator. The drums snap into a sharp and punishing form as the tune drops into a frenzy of sharp lead’s causing commotion into the soundscape as ominous horns can be heard in the backdrop of the tune.  The tune winds down into the break as a momentarily relief is provided before heating back up into the second drop!

Armed and Dangerous is out now on Patrol The Skies music! check it out here!

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