Burr Oak – Dark Age [EATBRAIN120]


Wow, so another release from Burr Oak?? These guys are on fire, churning out release after release, making a real name for themselves in the scene. With a recent destructive release on Blackout, only a matter of weeks later, another release on the fabled Eatbrain.

Their last release on Eatbrain; ‘Roots of Evil’ was a masterclass in the style that Burr Oak have coined for themselves, giving heavy hitting DnB with a real flavour for atmosphere and destruction all in one and the new EP ‘Dark Age’ is no exception.

The first track on the EP which is aptly titled ‘Machine Replicate Your Body Language’ which has a serene atmospheric into which could have you floating in a pool in a mystic wood before subtly bringing a bassline in along with a beautiful synth and then an almost techno beat with a robotic voice to prepare you for the drop. A techy drum beat and pulsing bass which sounds exactly as the title suggests, a machine moving in a way you would do Drum & Bass. This then drops into a techno beat before the breakdown, showing The Clamps and Opsen’s other passion in this style of music. The second drop is the same as before, bringing back that distorted reece bass which was prolific in the first drop.

The next track, ‘No Light Will Show On’ starts with almost nothing except suspense, then suddenly a clean beat enters the fray and a dark and oppressive voice which builds the tension along with faster drums and synths, before the seriously dark drop with drums all over the place with extreme attention to detail along with the sampling which has sounds that complement the ferocity of the tune amazingly. Typical raw Burr Oak style in this tune, that screams to be played loud in front of the Eatbrain Horde.

Onto my personal favourite from the EP, ‘Barbarian’ with more mechanical sounds and a warning siren, making you know this is going to shred you to bits. The build up has left and right swapping sampling which adds to the excitement. The tune drops into quite a mellow steady beat but the technicality in which is executed is second to none. It shows that Burr Oak can create something quite simple but has as much impact as one of their all guns blazing smash fests. The second drop takes all the clues from the first but creates something even more crunchy and in your face which would lead to some seriously cool mixes with the right tune.

Lifesize MC features on the title track of the EP ‘Dark Age’. This track has some sick vocals in the intro from Lifesize MC and then drops into quite a tuneful rolling neuro track but the drums roll heavy and take you some fending off to absorb yourself in the hidden atmospheres of this tune. A wicked tune and worthy of the title track, just highlighting Burr Oak’s versatility further, as if you needed any more convincing that these guys are capable of anything.

Another favourite of mine is ‘Dissent’ which again just hits you with a musically genius into with some fantastic samples and a stompy beat on the drop. The female vocal sample of the title of the track cuts through everything to take you to the second part of the first drop which gives you even more technical drums and melody from the synths which builds and builds until you reach the breakdown and tails off back into the intelligent creation which is a Burr Oak tune. The second drop is more rolling than the first and the snare hits you hard complimented with the other sampling.

The final track on this 6 track behemoth is ‘The World’s Spark’ which has a wicked drum beat which gets your head nodding away in the intro and takes you to a drop which is just pure heaven, a driven pulsing bassline and that rolling beat remains to steer you through the phenomenal sounds that have been created in this beast. The second half of the first drop is akin to Burr Oaks style, completely changing tact but keeping you alive with a filthy rhythm. The second drop takes you in to a more melodic piece but the amen break introduced here conquers the tune and turn it into something quite disgusting.

So this EP is out now on Beatport (dropped on 9th April) and I suggest it’s one to add to the collection, whether you are an avid Eatbrain fan or just can’t get enough of Burr Oak. I know I can’t get enough and the more they release just makes you hungry for more!

Purchase here:  https://www.beatport.com/release/dark-age/3339796




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