Burr Oak – Mind & Dolls EP [ Blackout NL ]


Burr Oak unleash a death march to end 2020….

Thats right compadre’s! The French audio assailant duo, Burr Oak, the ender of this year. A purposeful attempt to crush our senses. Taking neurofunk dnb to a new level. Of confidence, power, and permanent disdain of humanity. So grab your ankles, take a deep breath, and prepare for the onslaught.

Blackout NL is taking no prisoners on this release. Leaving hard dnb fans lying dead on the floor with this latest installment. This is the first release on Blackout from Burr Oak. But something tells me this is just the beginning of their relationship with one of the biggest imprints in modern neurofunk.

This ep is a solid A & B side tango. Two tracks that sonically begin and end one another. Painting the life of the over indulgent human experience and overwhelming depression. On a canvas of stretched flesh, with spilled blood and scalped heads as brushes.

If sorrow and pain had a modern day anthem. This would be it. Sonically, these songs are engineered for total devastation. Compositionally speaking, there is a great balance of good and evil here. The juxtaposition between the harmonies, vocals, basslines, and drums creates a push and pull of the senses. We are taken on an emotional reckoning. And after the dust settles from the sonic assault. We’re left wondering if our existence here is even worth it any longer.

Let’s spill the blood!!!

Mind Dolls sets the scene first. Easing us in with a symphonic styled intro. Something in the vain of The X-Files theme, or the intro to a sci-terror themed ride. Thats throws us directly into an inferno. Saw blades, Sines, and Serums piled on top of one another like a zombie hoard, literally rip you to pieces.

Somehow a gorgeous vocal harmony rides in and out of the madness. Almost as if it was purposed to be a beam of light, cutting through the blackest of black ash floating around us. The sounds of flexing metal and broken circuits seem to come from no where, but are also everywhere. Rapidly sending jolts of electricity down your spine. This plays off like a human crying for the pain to end. But knowing that it is infinant.

Red Cloud is the TRUTH!!! The second cut from this ep. An airline synth lifts us into futuristic prison state. Where legions of diseased humans gaze into the sky. Receiving message from the “federation” on Earth’s status. Via projections from hovering drones onto clouds filled with acid rain. Over an impoverished and over populated cyber punk district. Even with fate’s warning. The herd continues to march to slaughter.

An ferocious scream bursts into the poisoned air. Mirroring that of ancient soul reapers that haven’t seen the surface of the earth for centuries. Literally legions of darkness and unimaginable terror is unleashed upon us. In waves upon waves of decibel destruction. We accept its presence. Welcome its devastation. Happily skipping arm and arm to the edge of existence. Where we will all jump together. Brandishing a shit eating grin, with a mouth full of sand, waving gleefully to our demise. This is dystopia’s anthem.

Let’s acknowledge what just happened…

So what just happened was Burr Oak leveled up. They leveled up real hard. These guys have been consistently taking each new release to a new height. Some artists seems to rise, rise, rise, and then plateau. After a few releases, and big label bangers. We seem to have an artists style dialed in. We know what to expect. But these guys keep breaking through the very ceilings they build.

Some parts of these songs seem as if both producers went and made their own versions of the basslines and synths. And then stapled them together. Or thrown the elements into the DAWS like UFC fighters, and let them duke it out. Until the songs were fully fleshed out and all elements we’re fused together. Creating new sounds, blends, and atmosphere’s. Usually reserved for cinematic production.

It’s down right frightening how good and huge these two songs are. It really takes the lane of dnb they are in and blows it wide open. I do not want to pigeon hole this into “neurofunk” or some other flavor of the day genre. It’s not. It has elements from many styles of harder edged dnb. But, once again these dudes come in. Make something I haven’t heard yet. Re-invent the steel, and come absolutely fucking hostile. And I AM HERE FOR IT!!!!!!


This is where you can do that.








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