Burr Oak – Polar Lows [ Trendkill Records]


BURR OAK – Polar Lows EP // Trendkill Records

Hola!!! It’s Shocktober bassheads! That means we are cruising through the mean and ultra “Hulk” green tunes that make up the dark side of the dnb machine. And it sets us in the hands of Trendkill Records. The UK imprint, hailed by Prolix ( Renegade Hardware/Metalheadz/Project51/GanjaTek/Virus/BadTaste) has all sorts of nasty coming with this EP. This is the follow up to their Feel the Truth and Bannockburn Ep’s, this release is down right filthy.

Burr Oak hailing from France is the hybrid of two sonic swordsmen, Julian and Nicolas. Has seen some pretty big releases on big labels such as (Eat Brain & C4C ltd). With heavy radio support from the likes of Rene’ LaVice & Noisia . Burr Oak is on a path to total desecration within the realm of neurofunk and dark dnb. Their attention to detail within the laws of sound design are impeccable . But their focus on creating dark music for dark times couldn’t be more welcomed by someone like myself. Or the entire Scandinavian region of the world. Where blackness reigns supreme.

At a time where heavily pop music influenced drum and bass and super flat brimmed jump-up is conquering “charts”. The Festival and Big Room 21 Pilots “esq” sound seem to be the direction many producers are taking to find success and fan base growth. But right now, we need something that isn’t just parading positivity around like a trope. We need music that reflects where we are, who we’ve become, and how we really feel about it. Without a doubt, this EP is the blood diamond in the rough 2020 has manifested.


Kicking off the genocide pact is the tune Intelligent Suicide. This Black Mamba is reminiscent of the scoring for Blumhouse films. An ode to the atmosphere within the ultra verse of terror noir’. There are mastadonian styled tearing basslines. This weaving of old school rave stabs and tsunami feeling synths are particularly dark. The harbinger of death comes from a female lilith with samples about suicide. Rationalizing its utility in a time where all hope is lost. I get huge SPL/Limewax/Outside Agency/Zardonic influence with this tune. Everything hits just right, and the sonic knife forged in rage slides in between your 3rd and 4th rib like butter.

Washoku is the cyberpunk connection between Burr Oak & TR Tactics. With TR adding that well known original recipe spice blend to this pavement pounding stomper. There is about 80 layers of bass slithering in and out of the bins. Classically transfused with drum work that is focused on huge snares and kick drums. Keep it simple and keep it heavy seems to be the mantra here. Modern Neurofunk has many faces these days. But this collab seems to be made from the illuminati issued skin suit that Boris Johnson lives in. Big, Bad, and Really fucking heavy. The only words I can use to describe the impact of this ripper.

The year is 2026. Earth has fallen into cataclysmic catharsis. The primordial flesh eating C.H.U.D.S have come to the surface for the yearly sacrificial offering. As they reach the surface of the sulfur sands. There is a sound coming with them. An anthem. It is Polar Lows. A hi-tech, sci-fi edged symphony. Trying to hold onto the little bit of light that is left.  This track embodies a cosmic sense of balance between all of the elements of extremely heavy bass music/drum-step, smashing into the “wall of death” mosh pit style dnb.

The chorus is equivalent to 1,000 black rhinos stomping through your neighborhood. But when it breaks, there is a nice juxtaposition. Then your heaved right off the cliff into a bottomless pit of despair. Right at the time you realize, you were the sacrifice. And the third eye’d druidian mob dances to your screams. This one bangs, she bangs real hard!


If your looking for dark dystopian drum and bass that is expertly crafted. This is your album. There is so much focus on making dnb a safe place for people to come. A method of making dnb to bring others into the culture. While focusing on the ways it can expand the means of monetary gain and commercial success.

This is not that album. This EP has three songs that push where the genre can go. I can safely say that this is not a safe album for safe humans. Its a dark art. A means to express frustration and put all the bullshit on the table. Without fear of consequence or knowledge of expectation. I really like dnb like this. It’s edgy, it’s prolific, and most important. It’s genuine.

This can be the dnb album that you introduce to people who love black metal/d-beat hardcore/vaporwave/witch house. This is the dnb that opens the cemetery gates to that type of human. Allowing them to begin an new obsession with the genre. This will not be the album that redefines the more commercial “space” for dnb.

But it is really heavy. With surgeon like production. And the capability to break necks across the globe. While undoing all the damage that tunes like Mr. Happy  have done to the thing I love the most. Dark fucking drum and bass music.










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