Burr Oak – Supreme Entity (Eatbrain)

by | Aug 19, 2022 | Tunes

There is no denying Burr Oak are a supergroup. Comprised of The Clamps and Opsen they have been making serious waves since their inception. With the slightly drawn out retirement of Noisia, groups like Burr Oak certainly have an opportunity to fill the void so to speak.

This tune is a fine example of their musicality and unique take on rhythm and melody. The production is massive, chunky, unique and heavy. The groove itself is diverse and interesting provoking real emotion and certainly that instinct to dance or smash something up!

We begin with a cool vocal and atmospheric swells which launch us into a tirade of cascading bass which is crunchy as hell and rolls into a Metrik style drop and is highly infectious and bouncy. Although it is crunchy in nature there are some nice clean aspect  and pretty tight drums leaving space for all the heavyweight material.  There are some lovely vocal ideas before the break before zooming back into a more triplet infused, choppy drop. There are some lovely glitchy elements and this unique approach helps set the tune apart from many contemporaries. It is refreshing and opens up the possibilities of the genre which are starting to be explored by more artists.

The tune ends a bit too quickly for me. Perhaps a further 32 bars of evolution would have provided just a little bit more of a story telling vibe that would have explored the experimental ideas a bit further in the outro. The potential is clearly there I just feel like I wanted a little bit more. Perhaps this would have cemented the tune as one of the best of the year. Putting all this aside though it is a beast. Strong in production and ideas and has many flashed of greatness. Highly recommend adding it to your playlists!

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