Burr Oak ‘Zero Alpha EP’ [Blackout Music NL]

by | Mar 15, 2021 | Tunes

Big things are breaking today on Blackout Music with Burr Oak and the ‘Zero Alpha EP’ about to blast open the barriers of drum and bass once more in this daring display of sound design straight out of the darkest depths of your nightmares. Pulling inspiration from the sinister storyline of Silent Hill Burr Oak is about to unleash some terror of their own with the ‘Zero Alpha EP’ as they continue to expand their catalogue into treacherous territories. The message is clear; music isn’t a competition there is no leader just an army of artists adding artillery to our arsenals and Burr Oak is consistantly demonstrating there are no rules.

Jogging through the intro in steady repetition “Zero Alpha” morphs into an angry beat possessing the build as some killer vocal samples hit right before the deadly drop. Grinding kicks keep the rhythm riding colliding with basslines that roar shredding the waves of sound. Screaming effects create an unpredictable composition with malicious intent to bring madness to the mix providing catatonic results. Keep it locked for an even angrier second drop “Zero Alpha” is no less than violent and intense!

An eerie intro riddled with mechanical mayhem leads us into “Teleporter” as the alarms sound and evil horns growl consuming the build. An electrifyingly potent drop waits as hard kicks bash between an angry bassline zigs and zags paving a path for massacre, flipping and turning as the composition carries on belligerent and broken dropping bodies all the way. “Teleporter” is moody, evil and dark an unexpected delightful crusade of horror.

“Bestial” brings nostalgic dark tech vibes to the ‘Zero Alpha EP’ leading in with a solid drum line as the rhythm builds barbarically and atmospheric effects attack from all sides. Pummeling into potent darkness the bass resonates growling grittily as bouncy breaks written into the beat pattern duel in reply. Ravaging and raving throughout the composition “Bestial” is the dark, savage dnb we’re looking for!

A cybernetic communication kicks off “Human Life Cycle” like clockwork counting down in alarm to the beginning of mass destruction. Powerful atmospheric effects consume the build as we come closer to the dastardly drop. Powerful artillery fires from all sides, snares reporting in machine gun style as the bass pounds below. Reanimation of the robotic elements from the intro increase the suspense as the chronicle carries on. Will you complete the cycle of ‘Zero Alpha’ or will it consume you with terror from within?

Straight into the darkest depths of deception with dangerous bass design and industrial stylized sounds ‘Zero Alpha EP’ is a serious weapon of mass destruction. Truth be told there is no leader in music and all of these artists pave their own paths and we as DJs are fortunate enough to wind them into one of our own. We here at Best Drum and Bass thank Burr Oak for their distinctive contributions to drum and bass and always look forward to more.
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