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Bytecode is a Danish producer, part of the group Instinkt and with a plethora of releases on C4C, Redlight and Korsakov to name a few. This release is on C4C Ltd features 2 tracks. The first is Holographics featuring the talented Austrian producer TR Tactics. The second a fantastic remix of the Cause 4 Concern tune Alchemist.


The tune starts with a foreboding and sinister build up, coupled with some lovely 80’s synth work. An arpegio glides around as we build into a hugely crunchy and deliciously rhythmic rise into the drop which is catchy as hell. Lots of cool synth stabs and a very bouncy bassline. The drums swing around and fit super nice. The snare in particular has a lovely timbre and the tune has lots of movement and vibe. We roll into another inspiringly mysterious mid break and roll into another stupendously tasty build up and crash into a halftime version of events for a couple bars before launching back into another full speed assault. The tune really is super bouncy and you can’t help but nod your head to this one. I tell you what it is really good to speed type this review to as well. Fingers bouncing all over the shot! Anyway I digress…this is a great tune. The production is really clean and crisp, not too heavy or distorted, just on the nice side of things which I think would set this up to commercially do quite well on the scene. Check it out below!

Alchemist (Bytecode remix)

This tune starts with a really dark and mystical feel to it and builds really nicely over a long period. It drops into a really unique idea. The bass is super dusty and crunchy but layered with lots of sparkle and airy sounds that really fill the void in an interesting way. It’s quite a lot for the ears to take in at first but they soon adjust. There are lots of pads and fx sounds contributing to a super wide and airy atmosphere which surrounds the heavier centre section. The drums and the groove is super cool. Snare punches through nice and the percussion and kick are well placed. The second half is more experimental and explores a number of interesting visions and rhythmic ideas. The layering and the melodic aspects of the track are fascinating and it really creates an ambient stratosphere of a soundscape. Delightful production and really hits the nail on the head when it comes to something being beautifully heavy.

A fantastic release all in all which will work well in the club and at home. I really love the clean and epic production and there are some really insightful and technical flurries of excellence thrown in. Solid release. Check it out below and make sure you follow these great artists for more fantastic music.

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