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Back again to promote another passion project! This collection of music showcases the range of production ability and enthusiasm for drum and bass that “Shoot” label head Nik “Calculon” has to offer the world. Shoot was founded in 2013 (with a core roster of Calculon, Stunna, The Colonel, and Root for the Villian), but I first came upon Shoot through Stunna and Calculon’s classic “Dime Piece” (ft. Lailah Reich), released in 2020. Since then I have only seen the artists on the Shoot roster grow in technical mastery and expressive ability both on and off the stage. The cleanliness and variety of Calculon’s label cannot be overstated; truly quality music coming out of this camp. Huge ups to Nik and the Shoot team for the amazing work! Listen and purchase the “Forward Ever” LP below, including the anthem “Bust” ft. The Colonel, and read on for a track by track of the LP as well as a teaser of upcoming releases on Shoot for the rest of 2024. Boh!


The label offered an official press release for “Forward Ever”:
Shoot Recordings presents Forward Ever, the new album from Calculon.For years Calculon has been known for his high-energy liquid rollers, and more recently he’s switched gears to create genre-busting uptempo jungle rippers.  Forward Ever brings those two sounds together, and represents Calculon’s evolution as an artist across nine tracks of forward-thinking, late night funk.

Recorded in California, Jamaica, Chicago and Mexico, among other places, Forward Ever features an array of collaborating producers, including Grammy-nominated artist Stunna, jungle legends Spikey Tee and Whizard, and rising stars Arietta, Shamanga and Rainforest, with vocals from the Colonel and Lailah Reich, and saxophone from the mighty Devoe.

Stand out tracks include single releases Liquid Summer, a golden, musical roller; Bust, a filthy slab of late-night jungle insanity, and the title track, Forward Ever, an innovative stepper that’s like nothing you’ve heard before.  Other highlights include the lead-off Reach Out My Junglists, which invites you to “plug it in, tune it in, the junglist hallucinogen”; Get You Now, a soulful upfront stormer; California Heat, with straight jungle breaks to the dome; Dub Busters, a moody futuristic roller, and Gully Goat, the dark energy anthem born from a Jamaican gully.
Together, the tracks on Forward Ever span the scope of jungle music, yet remain cohesive through the force of Calculon’s musical vision, an energized collection that rocks hard from start to finish.  With his eyes on the future and his heart in the club, Calculon is proud to offer Forward Ever for 2023.
From Nik Calculon, regarding the “Forward Ever LP”:
“…the album was a benchmark for 10 years of the label, so pushing on for now it’s been nice for me signing tunes to other labels like Intrigue & AGN7 Audio, & focus on getting the compilation together. once the comp drops we are going to focus on the Colonel’s music as he has been unstoppable lately. he really is a champion performer, writer, & MC & it’s his time to shine.”

From Nik, regarding future releases and goals of the label, and the San Diego/LA family:

Next up for Shoot Recordings is another EP from Calculon, The Colonel, Stunna: the “Dirty City / Bust (Dave Owen Remix)” EP. This will be coming out soon on Shoot in August of 2024.

Following on the label after the next single is an EP by Chicago artists Stunna + Renan, as well as a compilation by various artists & some VIPs. In addition to the EP by Stunna + Renan. Stunna & i have other tunes done & in the works so look out for those.


Locally in San Diego it’s nice to have the San Dnb Crew doing events like having Dave Owen tomorrow night, as well as the beach parties on Fiesta Island. they’re great nights for the community, a way to hear what’s currently popular, & a chance to check out new mixdowns (^_^)   big ups Knotice, AJ, Jenos, & DJ Savage for their hard work. it’s a bit of a drive but Respect in LA is a solid weekly & it’s nice to go up sometimes to play or check out other DJs. big ups Machete & the whole Junglist Platoon.”
Thanks again to the Shoot family for the press copy and being open to conversation! Anyone out there that loves drum and bass will LOVE the body of work this label has produced. These guys do it all. Check out the official video the crew released for their anthem “Bust” here, and purchase this incredible LP from their official bandcamp. Check out other fresh music from Calculon and the Shoot team on AG7, Satellite Era, FX909, Mal Label Music, Samsara Beats, Onset Audio, and in Chicago, San Diego, or Los Angeles live showcasing their DJ, MC, and producing skills!

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