Catching Up With Compilations: 2022

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2022 was another iconic year for drum and bass with loads of labels and artists constantly on the move. This week we’re looking at some of the compilations that bring the best of the year into one killer collection of the top DNB tunes. In this list over 250 tracks and a handful of DJ mixes await your listening pleasure so let’s get on it!

Bad Taste Drum & Bass 2022 [Bad Taste Recordings]

Bad Taste Recordings ‘Bad Taste Drum & Bass 2022’ offers selections from the dark and funky side of DNB. Remixes from Prolix and Delta Heavy on some classic BCUK tunes as well as tasty originals fill this compilation with big bass and colossal crunch! If you’re looking for some serious vibes check out “157” from Jam Thieves or “Silo” by Vegas and Malux. CLICK HERE TO BUY.

Hanzom Presents: Best of 2022 [Hanzom Music]

Hanzom Music always packs a punch with powerfully peculiar DNB. Check out the hard hitting floor stompers on ‘Hanzom Presents: Best of 2022’ like Disphonia’s “Snapshot” or “Supersonic” from Agressor Bunx. A few from Finalfix really bring some flavor to this release including “Under My Skin VIP” and “Arrival”. A massive compilation all around there’s energy and aggression to be found in every track to smash the mix and pound the bins. GET YOUR COPY HERE.

Blackout: Best of 2022 [Blackout Music NL]

Blackout Music notably makes an everlasting impression year after year in the scene and ‘Blackout: Best of 2022’ pulls all the bangers from an impressive artist roster into one convenient release. Neonlight, AKOV, Finalfix and Myselor offer some absolute monster tracks plus you get Audio’s Remix of “Bass Symptom” and Gydra’s remix of “Can’t Hold Back”. Even more carnage awaits with Smooth & State of Mind’s “Runaway Train” or Black Sun Empire and Neonlight’s “Scarface”. This one also includes a mix so you can really get a feel for the playability of these tunes! GRAB IT NOW ON BEATPORT.

Serial Killaz: The Chronicles 2022 [Serial Killaz]

Jam packed with furious fire ‘Serial Killaz: The Chronicles 2022’ will fill your wildest DJ desires. Punchy Ragga vocals and bubbly basslines galore check out Serial Killaz “Euphoria” or The Force “Rockin & Shockin” for some nostalgic vibes. You also get a bit from the jump up side with peak energy and some growly basslines on tracks from Jaydan, T>I, Jay Jay & 10AD, Profile, Sub Killaz and more. Peep the DJ mix for the full spectrum of this massive release covering the best of Serial Killaz 2022! CLICK HERE TO BUY!

Korsakov Music: Best of 2022 [Korsakov Music]

Another massive year from Korsakov Music as they continue to push the evolution of drum and bass to the limits with innovative style and a cutting edge artist roster with killer compositions around every corner. ‘Korsakov Music: Best of 2022’ offers up just shy of 30 tracks on this colossal compilation from delicious dance floor to face melting neurofunk and everything in between. Check out some serious stompers like “Feck Off” from AL/SO & Cliques or Sovryn’s “Valhalla”. For a funkier groove Phibes offers a few tunes and newcomer to the label C:rcle’s “Love Survives” is a heartwarming ballad to brighten any mood. There’s also unique flavor in compositions from Impex, R3dX, Tengu and I.C.U and I’m not even scratching the surface because this is a serious stack with pure heat track after track! GRAB THE FULL RELEASE HERE.

RAM Drum & Bass Annual 2023 [RAM Records]

A staple in the scene RAM Records continues to bring the heat and the ‘RAM Drum & Bass Annual 2023’ is bringing you the best tracks from new and seasoned artists with some of the biggest bangers this year and a grip of fresh, new tunes to cover a wide array of moods. With 43 tracks there’s something for everyone on this one so turn the energy up with Culture Shock’s “Panorama” or Groove Division “Against the Grain”. For some soothing vocal tracks be sure to check Spekski featuring Sage “Fading” or Calyx and TeeBee “Anything for Attention”. Deep, bassy vibes come in thick from ESKR on “Old Town” and Syran’s “Rip Your Face Off” and there’s always something special when Shanks comes around, you get a few from them on this one as well! There’s so much more to be explored so check out ‘RAM Drum & Bass Annual 2023’. BUY IT ON BEATPORT.

2022 Annual [Boomslang Recordings]

A big year for Boomslang Recordings as they continue to climb the ranks the ‘2022 Annual’ brings you the top picks from label boss Gigan with a hefty dose of drum and bass. Serious vibes from SOLA on “Sun God” and upbeat funk on “House Party” from AL/SO and Impex are sure to amp your playlist up. Booming bangers from ESKR with “Get Crazy” and “Brain Structure” from Dropset are sure to top some lists and “Epic” from AL/SO and Impex has the intro of all intros that even gives “Messiah” a run for it’s money; a classic in the making you don’t want to miss this one! A whole lot more awaits in Boomslang’s ‘2022 Annual’ getting rave reviews across the board be sure to check it out! CLICK HERE TO SNAG YOUR COPY.

Best Tunes 2022 [High Resistance Recordings]

A fist full of bangers awaits with ‘Best Tunes 2022’ from High Resistance Recordings. Serious stompers like “Bad Trip” from 2Whales, “Stand Up” from FractalOne and “Red Point” from Krot will shake the dance floor while “Wake Up”, “On Fire” and “Lifeless” offer a contrasting softer mood. A twist of experimental sound pushes this release over the edge with tracks like “Lacrimosa” from Saint Rider and “Next Level” from Punchman. A well rounded catalog of the years best from High Resistance you won’t want to miss! GET IT NOW BY CLICKING THIS LINK!

UKF Drum & Bass 2022 [UKF]

If you’re going for the crowd pleasing dancefloor sound with vocals abound look no further than ‘UKF Drum & Bass 2022’. Iconic names like Delta Heavy with Jem Cooke, Bcee with Charlotte Haining, Bensley, K Motionz with Emily Makis and more bring you the smooth grooves and upbeat tunes that warm the floor and create everlasting memories in the dance. For an extra boost in the set check out “Take Over” with Georgie Riot and OHKAY or “Return to You” from Matrix & Futurebound with Anna Simone and Synth System. CLICK HERE TO GET IT NOW!

Annual 2023: Viper Presents [Viper Recordings]

Vibrant and viscous Viper Recordings brings the classic vibes with colossal tracks on ‘Annual 2023: Viper Presents’. Over 25 tracks await you with the killer Viper vibe offering a beautiful blend of drum and bass from artists like Mel, V O E, Ekko & Sidetrack and Madface. For upbeat energy check “Sin” from Nu and Blaine Stranger or “All Night” from Blvck Crowz. Millbrook’s “Rituals VIP” also bounces through the mix and Dossa & Locuzzed offer a deep dose of bass on “Stuff”. A whole lot more awaits so check this one out today! BUY IT HERE.

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