Catching Up With Neuropunk’s Slamming Summer Selections

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Neurpunk Records undeniably plays a crucial part in building the drum and bass scene and is no doubt one of our go to labels here at Best Drum and Bass when we’re showcasing the freshest evolution of tunes in our reviews or hitting the Bad Tunes of the Week on the Best Drum and Bass Podcast with Bad Syntax. With Neuropunk’s consistent quality they’re a imperative piece in forming the genre and testing boundaries with new and seasoned artists from the label firing off releases left and right. Let’s see what Neuropunk has been pumping out the summer of 2023!


Spanning two years of production Mizo offers 15 previously unreleased tracks on the colossal ‘Powerbank LP‘ to stack your arsenal with the filthiest DJ weapons. If you’re after the darker, deeply technical range of Mizo’s style check out tracks like “Katana”, “Conversion”, “Railway” or “Aiva” while “Cold Blood”, “Rage Out” and “On the Edge” offer a wicked neuro punch. “Arcade”, “Exhaust” and “Limit Break” have a bit more of a dance friendly vibe and with “Voltage” and “Unto the Morrow” you can really get a taste of Mizo’s more experimental side.


The ‘Kettle EP’ from Decades & Murdv simmers in the darker side of drum and bass with four delicious tracks that will melt your bass face. “Drumrunner” delivers a steppy, broken composition with a chunky drive and “Kettle” builds a peculiar mood pouncing deeper into the dark, bassy vibe. “My Circle” amplifies the energy a bit with gritty beats that pulse and samples that are thick while “Oddyseia” is colorfully animated with contrasting flips and switches. Overall the ‘Kettle EP’ is a solid selection to bring up the bass in any set!


Punchman’s ‘Muscle Roller EP’ smashed through rough and tough in steamy summer sets melding a jumpy oomph with a huge neuro groove creating pure energy and increased adrenaline for a boost in every track. Read the full review HERE on Best Drum and Bass.


The ‘Resurrector EP’ from Krot has a wide range of bassy flavor to suit any mood. The title track brings full, jungle inspired beats into a wildly huge bassline to growl and roll, a dark prowess hunting the dance floor. “Second Drop” delivered a punchy, jumpy energy to wind up the dance in this neuro stomper with wicked mad basslines and crazy breaks. Spoiler alert the second drop is extra mad! “Don’t You” wraps it all up with powerfully deep grinding energy and a cataclysmic neurofunk punch!


This two track release from Psynchro is not to be missed! Smooth, sweet vocals are kindly entangled within a heated banger bringing a big, bassy balance to the dance as “Desitny” boasts colossally creative curated beats wrapped up in boundless basslines for a tune that is serenely mean. “Shamanizm” flips the mood to groovy and funky with this broken and chunky composition that adds a splash of strings to level the low end with a serious meditative heat!


“Granny’s Blanket” from Dissident serves up smothering, snappy basslines and articulate detail on the drums that snap and pop, broken in the mix with a warm, comforting twinkle sprinkled in. On the flip side “Aperion” brings a burly funk as the bassline dips, rolls and winds through a gritty beat bubbling from the darkness for an experimental mind.


A supercharged remix from Sindicate on Mizo’s “Mechanical Paw” refreshes this fan favorite once more and there’s a serious banger in store! Sindicate fills out the composition with a fresh, thick twist as the integrity of the original shines through amplified by the beastly Sindicate style that can’t be matched.


Coming up next with a release on September 5th you can catch 2 Whales and Mizo coming back with the two tracker “Rafting” and “Sandstorm”. A true taste of the perfect blend between techstep and modern neurofunk techniques this pair of set stoppers are quite a treat! “Sandstorm” is sure to get the room on their feet bubbling in with solid beats and harmonized atmospheric elements before the drop shows up for the beat down in a thick composition as the brutal stabs attack and the bassline trembles all around. The drums carry the energy, boundlessly breaking and snapping with the perfect beat. “Rafting” featuring Mizo carries an eerie mood as dark voices echo below taking an unexpected hit as the beats blast in with aggressive amens breaking as the bass dives for the kill. The drop tumbles into a bubbly composition with rippling drumlines and fierce bass that flips and bangs for a wild ride!

Grab any of these tunes or the full Neuropunk Records collection HERE. Keep it locked to Best Drum and Bass we’ll keep you up on all the freshest from Neuropunk and all of drum and bass!

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