Celebrating 5 Years of Dub Stomp 2 Bass + November Exclusive Mix

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Jump-Up Drum And Bass. The great divide in Drum And Bass preference that left most people off the radar about the matter. Causing the sound to grow and develop in its own way with its own influences in its own scene entirely. Arenas filled to the brim, sold out shows that run till all hours of the morning. The evidence is real, video footage and photographed images to prove it. There is a place in Drum And Bass for Jump-Up just like any other part of the spectrum and to congratulate this fact Best Drum And Bass is going to shed light on five Years of Dub Stomp 2 Bass. That’s five years of music pertaining to a particular style of sound. While some surpass this milestone with ease, others wish they could even come close.

Oh Slow, Jedi
The Woods, Evil Intention

While Jedi continues to chart on Juno Download, Evil Intention following closely as the two tune pumping machines from the franchise have the largest tracks on the LP. “Oh Slow” is a personal favourite of mine but Evil’s “The Woods” and “Instent Reaction” are absolute bangers.

Raging Bull, Mackz
Contrast, Hi Hatz

Highlight of the album for most underrated would be Mackz and Hi-Hatz for their extreme differences in Jump-Up Drum And Bass sound. Hi-Hatz being the more passive and subtle productions while Mackz has some straight nose bleeders. Both “Raging Bull” and “No Business” are absolutely phenomenal Mackz, Hatz’s colab with Hydrolikz is straight to the point with a mixture of Half-Time and Jump-Up and his “Contrast” bit is signature Hi-Hatz sound.

No Business, Mackz
The Drums, Hydrolikz & Hi-Hatz

This entire album is a filth lovers dream. The perfect starter kit for any Drum And Bass enthusiast. Every month Dub Stomp 2 Bass features an exclusive mix of all their material. That means freebies for everyone on the team, forthcoming or otherwise known dubplate materials. The five year album and the exclusive mix for the month of November down below.

5 Years of Dub Stomp 2 Bass – Jedi, Mackz, Evil Intention, Subside, Ajurn, Rodeo, Lymitless, Hi Hatz, Aliman, Frenzee & Tomoyoshi

║#001.| [DS2B108] Jedi feat. Joe Blow – My Vapour
║#002.| [FREE] Hi Hatz – Grotesque
║#003.| [DS2B108] Jedi feat. Joe Blow – Down Deeper
║#004.| [FREE] Jedi – Bumberclaaart (dEEb)
║#005.| [FREE] Tomoyoshi – Mantra
║#006.| [AORFREE] Technician – Alarm Clock VIP
║#007.| [FREE] Evil Intention – Positive Vibes
║#008.| [DS2B107] Rodeo – Bumberclart
║#009.| [DS2B107] Mackz – Raging Bull
║#010.| [DS2B107] Evil Intention – The Woods
║#011.| [DS2B107] Aliman – Guru
║#012.| [DS2B107] Tomoyoshi – Monochrome
║#013.| [DUBPLATE] Jedi – Whoop Yo Ass (dEEb)
║#014.| [AORFREE] Jedi – What’s Yo Name
║#015.| [DUBPLATE] Prospex – Nocturnal VIP
║#016.| [DS2B107] Jedi – Greedy Pig
║#017.| [DS2B107] Mackz – No Business
║#018.| [DS2B107] Aliman – Disease
║#019.| [DS2BFREE] Jedi – Fiesta VIP
║#020.| [DS2BFREE] Natural Error – Wu Tang Sword
║#021.| [DS2BFREE] Jack The Ripper – Now My Selecta VIP
║#022.| [DUBPLATE] Hi Hatz – White Tee (dEEb)
║#023.| [DS2BFREE] Jedi – Feel This Way VIP
║#024.| [DS2B107] Jedi – Oh Slow
║#025.| [FREE] Tomoyoshi – Beat So Funky
║#026.| [AORFREE] Jedi – On And On

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