Cells Interlinked Vol. 1 – VTO Records

by | May 29, 2024 | Releases, Spotlight, Tunes

How’s it going DnB Heads!  Strex here with another absolute face melting EP from the VTO Records camp.  A neurofunk masterclass from the latest up and comers in the scene on this 4-track EP.

This release is out now so be sure to check the link below in the artwork as per usual to grab yourself a copy.  We’ve got bangers from The Fi5th, Bad Legs, Jane Doe and BaSys & Akuma.

So first up we have MSD from The Fi5th.  What we have learnt to expect from this gentleman is stuff that will take your face off and then push your nan down the stairs for good measure.  This track is no exception with a rising crescendo of neurofunk goodness that is heavy and melodic at the same time with heaps of atmosphere thrown in for good measure.  Everytime I hear a track from my East Anglian homie, I get more and more impressed with his progression.

Next up we have Pressure from Bad Legs which has an almost 80’s feel to the intro and then a mystic, middle eastern sounding riff before the drop which is a squelchy, dirty piece of production that screws my face up in ways I didn’t know was possible.  Utter filth which will make you take note in the club.

Third one on the agenda is Pieces by Jane Doe.  This one has a nice melodic vocal during the intro which lulls you into a false sense of security because once this drops, so does your jaw.  It then switches into a rolling stomp affair with that beautiful vocal back in to keep the serenity.  It needs something calming to keep this beast of a track in check!

Last but not least, my pal BaSys has made a track with Akuma and they have fondly named it a fusion of the two names Bakuma.  A real dark techy intro which then leads to the drop which is absolutely f***ing disgusting with a snare that would make anyone jealous, combined with the techy sampling and effects.  This tune is an absolute heater.  

Soooooo…… What are you waiting for?  The EP is out now and needs to be in your collection.  Not often every track on an EP shines, this one does however.  Instead of clips this week, we have an extra special Podcast hosted by head honcho Lee UHF and featuring the artists from the EP.


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