Century of Dubstomp 2 Bass Records with Bomber, Jedi + dEEb Exclusive Mix

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Personally, ever since I’ve known Bomber. He has always kept it one 100% with me. The thing that I admire the most in people like him that I see in the majority of us, his enthusiasm. He’s extremely passionate about the sounds he pushes and I find that an admirable trait in anyone that is doing anything with drum and bass. Helping Bomber celebrate his 100th release on the digital imprint Dubstomp 2 Bass, The Jedi with a ten track EP. Jedi along with Evil Intention, Aliman and the rest of the drum and bass tune pumping machines are no strangers to Bomber’s digital imprints Audio Overload and Dubstomp 2 Bass Records. Long awaited VIP’s and tunes that genuinely needed to see the light of day, a conversation with Bomber and an exclusive mix from myself dEEb right here.

Celebrating 100 releases on Dubstomp 2 Bass, DJ Bomber give us some background about yourself?

Well it all started off for me around 1997 and my first ever rave Atomic Jam. I was 17 at the time and believe it or not I didn’t even make it to the drum n bass room. Over the next couple of years I went to countless raves up n down the country traveling by car, train, any means necessary. Around the year 2000 I began to experiment with djs on turntables. By 2001 I had my first ever booking was only a local friends event in a pub but then I had the problem of having no actual dj name. Over the next couple of weeks names came and went before one Friday night I was off to work and at that time I was a door supervisor or doorman. One of my friends said you look like a bomber in that suit and the name just went from there really. Back in these days there wasn’t many opportunities for unknown djs but I got on a few events and became a resident on Homegrown a event ran by Birmingham Mistress Mo. Sadly in 2004 I decided to stop djing for personal reasons but then a chance meeting with a fellow dj in 2010 brought me back but a lot had changed in 6 years. Social media had took over, Technology has changed everything. Turntables were no more and the revolution of cdjs had took over. Tracks were no longer £5-£7 and Everybody was now a DJ. In 2011 I met up with 2 guys Charlie Mac aka Laughlin and Menis who ran an event called “Dubstomp 2 Bass” in Birmingham. From the get go we hit it off and quickly became very good friends. We joined forces and that’s how I became involved with Dubstomp 2 Bass. Over the next couple of years we put some of the most talked about events to hit Birmingham this was 2011-12 and we had line ups with the likes on Turno, Guv, Macky Gee, Propz n Rowney, Basslayerz, Modified Motion, Stormin, Shabba, Juiceman, and many many more. Sadly in 2013 we all went our separate ways and the events side stopped. But in 2012 I began ds2b records and about a year after that I started Audio Overload records and Audio Overload Jungle.

Now is there a team for DS2B or is this the one man Bomber show?

Sadly, I’m afraid ds2b at the moment is a one man show. There’s soundclouds, youtube, facebook pages, twitter, and it can be a bit too much for one person but I would never have it any other way.

Labels tend be extremely picky about their content, how would you describe the particular sound you are looking for when it comes to your releases?

The basis I have when it comes to selecting my releases is pretty straight forward. Firstly I have to like it and as long as the sound quality is good then we will put it out its just that simple.

Let’s talk about release number 100. Why Jedi?

Jedi for release 100. One one word for it, LOYALTY. Since Jedi and myself met he has been one of a few to actually stay loyal to us, I’m not saying when you sign with us that you are exclusive like lots of labels, I would never do this to any artist. Over the years I have seen guys we have given a chance when they Weren’t so big, but soon as they make it they swiftly leave you behind. Jedi and I have a great relationship and it only will continue to grow and grow. Another reason is I had to get rid of a lot of his tracks as he just makes too many so saw it fitting to use 10 of his very best tracks I have had for the last year all on one album.

If you could give advice to upcoming drum and bass producers regardless of the genre, what would be your 2¢?

My advice to up and coming producers would be never give up. Persistence actually works, effectively. I’m sorry to say its who you know in this game get you there the quickest but making your own mark on the scene then makes it so they have to book you.

You play out, you do radio shows and live streams.. What’s the strangest or most embarrassing experience you’ve had before, during or after a show without throwing anyone under any buses?

Strangest thing before an event was being subject to a happy hardcore set before my set. Strangest thing during a set is probably a streaker. After show being taken to a secret after party in a cave.

How do you feel about the American drum and bass scene?

The American scene I don’t really know much about. But it seems to me like a time warp kinda only way I can describe it is back 15 years ago in England there was only drum and bass. No sub-genres. It seems to me like American drum and bass is like this. No sub-genres, etc. Most the tunes are this techy stuff, not much jump up at all.

The floor is yours, have anything to say to anyone that might of enjoyed this conversation or release?

I would like to thank each and every supporter of both ds2b records and audio overload records. Without you guys we would not be where we are today. ds2b100 is just the beginning wait till you hear AOR100 jheeeze. If your a producer or your friend is a producer and you think they have got what it takes then get them to get in touch with us. We have been supporting unknown artists since day 1 and we will continue this its what I started the labels in the first place. We are not a massive label but we are growing everyday and we will only get bigger. I would also like to thank everyone supporting our tracks in their sets and mixes there’s nothing better than hearing your tunes in a rave and I thank you for this. Remember plenty of more things to come from both our labels so give all our social medias a follow to keep up with everything we are doing, plus there is a release EVERY FRIDAY exclusive to juno download and soon to be ds2b online store, also we have merchandise coming in the next few months too.

– Bomber 😉

There you have it ladies and gentlemen, all that a mix from myself and a big release from the man like Jedi! Please feel free to share and tag us the share, if you were so humble to leave a review down below we would be forever thankful. Thanks for reading!

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