Champion – Stay Here

by | May 11, 2016 | Tunes

The weather outside is getting nice , the sun shining , birds chirping
a breezy draft blowing through your hair. These types of days bring out a more happy side to some of us DNB heads. Feel good vibes and deeper melodic songs bring us to that happy place when all the elements are working together both in environment and the soundscapes we choose to put ourselves in. Its that time of year again.

Newcomer ” Champion ” is no stranger to providing absolutely bone chilling vibes in the arena of dance floor and rolling Liquid tunes. Champion came out with several tracks that put me onto his radar over the past year. His ” True Survivor ” bootleg is a stunning cinematic bassline villain that can stop time in its tracks on the dance floor. Along with his modern refresh of The Fugees ” Ready Or Not ” which sends shivers down my spine every time i play it. His remix of Ryo’s “Eclipse” is nothing short of a dancefloor smasher aswell and has been part of my sets since its release.

This time Champion is back with a funky and soulful single titled ” Stay Here “. The tune starts of with chopped vocals playfully going about. The tune breaks into Tayah Ettienne’s beautifully voice , who wouldn’t want to stay with her? The tune carries on with happy and upbeat synths that just want to make you move around wherever you are at. Whimsical and precise percussion is the name of the game here perfectly balancing the multitude of melodic synths and vocal samples.

Overall this is a brilliant release and a must have for any upcoming festival gigs , and listeners alike. This one is sure to brighten up your day and make you feel good inside.

You can find more of champions work here

” Stay Here & Holding On ” are out now on Soulvent Records.

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