Charli Brix – Full Circle ft. Visages [Flexout]


Over the past few years Charli Brix has become a household name in Drum and Bass, joining the ranks of other vocalists such as Charlotte Haining, Riya, and Lucy Kitchen. After breaking out with ‘Just One Look’ on Enei’s ‘Rituals’ album, it seems as though she has been popping up everywhere in the scene. Her voice is just has home over a deep rolling bassline as it is over a smooth liquid tune, which has made her a go-to vocalist for many Drum and Bass producers.

It was only a matter of time then until Charli Brix released her own EP, a trend which has becoming more and more prevalent for vocalists in the Drum and Bass scene. Nearly everything Charli’s voice touches turns to gold, and her first single from her new ‘Kintsugi’ EP on Flexout Audio is no exception. Her smooth, melodic voice over the minimal and atmospheric beats and bassline that Visages provides make for an outstanding tune which will fit in nearly any DJs arsenal. Absolutely perfect vocals and production blend together to make an instant classic, and make me extremely excited as to what the future of Charli Brix holds for all of us.

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