Chase & Status ‘Program’ feat. Irah [Virgin EMI Records]


Chase & Status is much more than a well recognized name in the drum and bass community. Over 15 years in the industry they have earned credibility between their production and live performances, pumping out top tracks and headlining some of the biggest stages worldwide alongside the best names in drum and bass music.   For the past year or so they have been busy trekking around the globe in support of ‘RTRN II JUNGLE’, their forthcoming album which is long overdue and has fans waiting in nail biting agony for the full release. Following up a handful of successful singles from the project last year Chase & Status have now released “Program” feat. Irah and are turning heads once again as they return to what inspired their journey into drum and bass music; deep in the heart of the jungle sound, bringing the heat with a modern twist to connect with Junglists on every edge of the spectrum.

“Program” plunges into the essence of Chase & Status giving long time followers what they desire; 90’s jungle and dancehall influences are prominent. “Program” is a tune of massive complexity from beginning to end; a roller-coaster through the wildest jungle with earth shattering basslines that rumble beneath rapid fire broken beats. Irah lends his badman vibes with a fierce Reggae vocal carrying the crusade from the intro straight through the climax; he’s smooth and flowing like wildfire. A siren wails in warning when the bass bellows deep and low in a jaw-dropping, forgotten fashion. This bassline is an entity all in its own. Powerful and intense, layer upon layer will engulf and absorb the floor with the deepest sub bass rumbling beneath; this tune just doesn’t give! The drum patterns are vigorous and sound fx are strategically selected and settled in all the right places to give this composition the authentic jungle feel. “Program” is hard, heavy and exhilarating falling into 2019 drum and bass with precision yet reminiscent to the origins of drum and bass music, taking us back to the beginning, the ‘RTRN II JUNGLE’.

Chase & Status are aspiring to mold their “own, original jungle sounds” on this album, retreating to their foundations in drum and bass. The product is a successfully smooth combination of old school flavor with a mature, cultured sound sure to engross dance floors deep into the jungle worldwide. “Program” is out now get your copy today and keep your eyes peeled for ‘RTRN II JUNGLE’, full release said to be coming soon!


Check out the documentary  on  ‘RTRN II JUNGLE’:


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