ChaseR – Blastpit EP – EATBRAIN123

by | Jun 13, 2021 | Tunes

So a new Eatbrain EP, this time from ChaseR. I’ve been following him for a while now and this Russian producer has released some really cool techy Neurofunk tracks over the last few years on the likes of Ignescent Recordings, Close 2 Death and Mindtech.

The first track on the Blastpit EP is named Gambling. It rolls through the intro with a supressed snare leading up to an awesome drop with a short siren which pounds you into the rolling beast of a track which ladels on the funk, adding a few bongos later to keep you vibing. A great introduction to what else is to come on this wicked EP.

The next track; Supercharged has a funky intro which leads you up to a really gritty drop full of distortion and slapping bass guitar. Not really heard much like this in DnB before and almost reminds me of Misanthrop’s old tune on Renegade Hardware; Evacuate. I loved that style and it really gives you that Neurofunk sound that everyone seems to suggest the genre is missing.

Next leads us to the title track of the EP; Blastpit. It’s got an almost 80’s atmospheric intro with some classic synths. The drop is relentless funk that drives you into submission. An outstanding reece builds you up to the next bars with a warning, klaxon type sound over the top to suggest that you are going to be punished further. It is right, you do get punished further. A really driven track here which shows you ChaseR is serious.

The Force is up next which has a low down hum and a wide open atmosphere for the intro to an absolutely disgusting drop which is raw and stompy. What a banger, to hear this live is going to knock your head off, I for one can’t wait to hear this in a club. For me personally this is my favourite from this EP, but it also shows how flexible ChaseR can be.

The final track is Vanishing Point which has a reasonably serene intro which is akin to the rest of the track. It rolls through nicely, almost boarding a liquid vibe initially. A simple yet effective track which then breaks down into hi-hats and a simple beat but with some disgusting horns over the top. This one would be great to either intro a set to or just give people a breather mid-set.

So what a release! ChaseR’s debut on the mighty Eatbrain following on from his awesome track Stingray from the Divergence III LP last year.

Thank you ChaseR, looking forward to more!

You’ll be able to pick this release up on the 18th June 2021, pre-order link can be found below:


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