Chief Jesta – Steady On EP [Self-Release]


Despite these trying circumstances, music continues to be a prominent force in our lives. Drum and Bass has especially doubled down on this, and been giving us amazing music to keep our sprits lifted. Repping LA DnB in all its glory, Chief Jesta has delivered a two track Ep, entitled Steady On, that is filled to the brim with deep grooves and soul-searing vibes to help get us through these hard times.

“Let Your Soul Fly” starts off the ep with techy sounding liquid comprised of a driving beat and a vocal sample echoing the title of the track. Slowly we are treated to a hypnotic swirl of dark atmospherics, which suck you further into the track. Then the bass drops and we get the track in its full beauty: a funky bass line, a catchy beat, the consistent groove of the hi hats, spacey effects and vocals. With perfect use of layering and timing, he has crafted an incredibly dynamic tune that will keep the dancefloor popping for hours!

Next up is the banging tune “Steady on You (feat. Raven).” Leading into the track with some dark synth melodies and filtered out drums, the beat double drops with the vocals to launch itself into the stratosphere. It creates a whirlwind effect that is seriously heavy, yet shows a hint of the liquid smoothness employed in the first track. At its peak, the steady vibration of the bass counterpoints just right with the hard-hitting surge of the drums to create its unique sound. Along with the noisy effects that dot the landscape of this track, it’s a great ode to the edgy sound of DnB while also bringing in elements seen in other genres such as house and techno.

This two-track release is top notch, and a great addition to any music collection. Available now directly through Chief Jesta’s Bandcamp page, cop some great music while helping fund further productions by this artist!!


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