Chords – Clarion [RAM Records]

by | Jul 5, 2017 | Tunes

Chords returns! Busting through the doors of RAM Records release schedule with “Clarion” the track i didn’t know i had been waiting for all year. Known for his more melodic, liquid direction dancefloor numbers. Chords shatters peoples perceptions with a no nonsense peak time stormer.

“Clarion” opens with big open pads. As you approach the first dance section an ominous bassline lurks in the depths. Entering the dance section you’re buried under a screaming reese. teasing with the first few measures, the already impressively heavy vibe gets an extra dose of dirt with a thick sub layer being added. Pads are later reintroduced making this track as dimensional as it is fierce.

its always a treat when an established producer shows their teeth in a different musical direction. My jaw was firmly applied against the floor during my first listen of “Clarion” and I’m sure anyone familiar with Chord’s previous outings will feel the same. I’m absolutely on the edge of my seat eagerly awaiting what is to come next form the multi-talented Chords.

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I touched wax for the first time when I was 12 years old and since have been blessed to share music in the majority of states in the USA. I have a wide spanning passion for mixing that reaches far beyond any one musical genre or dance floor. I work at Geomagnetic Recordings and am 1/2 of High Society DNB. Current location: San Francisco