Chris.SU – The Arrow [Eatbrain]

by | Dec 7, 2016 | Tunes

The Hungarian producer is back on Eatbrain Recordings with sounds guaranteed to raise the dead. Chris.SU has been kicking out huge releases for the past 15 years across various labels all around the world. His list of collaborations is long and heavy hitter studded with some of the biggest acts of DNB on the list. Chris.Su has remained true to his sound over the years providing a natural progression of dark and hard hitting Techstep/Neurofunk sounds with his own personal twist. Over that time frame he has gained to attention of fans all over and brings a brand new EP on Eatbrain that is to die for….

” The Arrow ” starts off with a menacing and diabolical tone with plucking bass synths entering the tune with an array of sci fi laden atmospheric synths encapsulating the air with plague ridden particles causing a shortage of oxygen. Elements of percussion make there way into the forefront of the storm meshing with arpeggiated and jagged leads. The sky is broken apart as the sound cracks to a mighty kick of power with laser sharp acidic main leads scan the area for any life before twisted and mechanical reese bass shreds through the break into the drop. The tune slams into a chugging and grooving bass line morphing and reacting to the lead synths ripping and shooting viciously into the crowd. Finally the tune breaks as hordes of the undead have conquered all….

This whole EP is an essential grab for any DJ whos a fan of the darker elements of drum and bass. Massive tunes and Sci Fi goodness streaking all over this release. The Solar Eclipse EP is out now on Eatbrain Recordings and i highly recommend you give the one a listen for yourself. Chris.SU continues his legacy by pushing cutting edge drum and bass once more into the forefront.


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