Circuits – High Resolution/Microdose [Critical Music]


Tastemaker Insideinfo and Critical Music bossman Kasra come back to add another link in the chain of their titanic Circuits project with a brand new single that is sure to make your ears sing. The duo has continued to create some of the most intelligent Drum and Bass since pooling their collective prowess together in 2018, and High Resolution/Microdose do not fail to impress.

Fitting for the being A-side slot, High Resolution is a powerful stomper. Opening with vibey 80s video game-like synths accompanied with catchy percussion and atmospheric soundscapes, it wouldn’t be surprising if it felt as though it was leading up to a dance floor tune. Things change as things begin to wind down before getting down to business, before getting slapped with a nasty Reese bass and shuffling drums that launch this neuron filled tune to the stratosphere. Mixing in the elements of the intro within the framework of the track comes together to make one of the best tunes to come out of the Circuit project. A set opener for sure.

Taking things down a slight notch is the steller B-side Microdose. Setting the mood for this groovy neuro roller with stuttering high hats nestled nicely in a spacey soundscape, this track is quick to get down to the meaty goodness. With stellar combination drums that so fat they could realign your spine and a good rolling bassline, this track has a strong foundation. On top of that, the track weaves from using top-notch use of samples to add extra punchiness to the overall feel to using spacy atmospheric synths to give an almost palpable gravity.

As with each addition to the Circuit discography, Kasra and Insideinfo have outdone themselves with High Resolution/Microdose. Grab your copy today!



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