The Clamps – MK Ultra [IMPACT]

by | Jun 2, 2017 | Tunes

The Clamps is one of the hardest hitting forces in the darker DNB realm in years past with an appetite for destruction. The Clamps have been on a mission of delivering some of the fiercest tunes on various record labels. He is not one for the public eye being shrouded in a touch of secrecy, not much is known about him asides from his excellent productions. This time he’s on French Imprint, Impact Music.

MK Ultra sets the tone right off the bat with gritty industrial effects clinking and clattering in the building soundscape, fear and dread fill the air with a growing drone in the background. A kick drum shatters the peace as crunching and maleable bass builds its attack onto the dancefloor. The percussion winds up as a vocal sample blurts out “” Mind Control ” before catapulting the audience into a full fledged aural assault. Mk Ultra drops into a pressurized pipe bomb unleashing a whirlwind of gargantuan bass chugging like a machine gun and hard hitting percussion  to match the tone. MK Ultra Breaks as the second drops switches up the effects in the tune for a little switch up.

Yet another slamming tune to come out of The Clamps and the Impact music camp stay tuned for more excellent music from them!

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