“Collide” Into August With High Maintenance

by | Aug 6, 2017 | Tunes

Or collide into your feelings, to be honest.

Lost love has been on my mind lately. The more we grow, the more connections seem to morph and disintegrate. While dwelling in the past never does us any good, every closed and unopened door is worth reflecting upon– once in a while.

Another thing music does for me is help me connect to and remember the things I bury. It’s cathartic to dance away pain. I welcome it.

High Maintenance is set to release a new tune on AudioPorn on the 16th that will hit you square in the heart. It is a reminder of being in the purgatory of unrequited love disguised in an upbeat, bright, and clean 2-stepper.

“Collide” opens with dreamy, plush plucks that echo softly, as if inside a great hall.
Soft white noise and a dissonant voice wind into sweeping synths and the triumphant, smooth, sweet vocals that make the tune so memorable.

The bulk of the tune settles into a collective sound that is mellow, groovy, and compelling.
Clean, crisp snaps, brassy horns, bouncy, fat plucks, and sprinkles of 80s swishes are some of the sounds you’ll find in the absolutely refreshing drum and percussive lines in this tune– a seemingly minimal sound that can only be complex, focused, and driven underneath the hood.

The tune is truly a masterpiece, yielding the perfect sonic balance of sounding both full to the brim and as spacious as the club at 10 pm. The emotional, powerful vocals give perfect context and compliment to the movement of the tune.

“Collide” is out on August 16th!

Listen & preorder on beatport HERE.

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Kat Dudinsky is Nvrsoft, a drum and bass DJ from Washington D.C. You can find her hard at work for BADAss Raves, 3D Productions, and Katsucon. In her free time, she is a student, cook, and rower.