Community Outreach: The Jungle Resistance

by | Nov 2, 2017 | Spotlight, Tunes

One of the largest compilation of sound engineers just came forth and it is priority we shed light on how important this release is. The Jungle Resistance is a collective of sound technicians hailing from a giant floating rock in space the circles a massive ball of fire that curate soundscapes using by definition.. a six second drum loop that has wrote the history of music as we know it since as early as the 1980s. Don’t worry, it always takes me some time to comprehend how six seconds of audio can shape music for over 40 years and continues to do so.

Chopping Down Babylon – Nickynutz

Dream In Monochrome – Illict

Ripples – The Mighty Dreadnaugt

Canadian label owner Chili Banks and the world wide collective of jungle drum and bass producers compiled a 31 tune LP featuring the likes of American junglists Mizeyesis, Babel and the original junglist Jonny 5. America’s Bunk Mates Sixteenarmedjack and The Mightydred. The collective’s motive and I quote..

Voicing resistance to intolerance, injustice, and ignorance with invigorating beats, enormous bass, and elevating vibrations.

That’s quite the powerful message to deliver through sound. I assure you we have the right men and women in place to do so.

From The Hood – Default, Babel

Salvation – Mizeyesis

Every Bumbaclaat Time – Sixteenarmedjack

To get down to business there’s a big group of people from around the world putting tunes that are longer than six minutes in a massive release to prove that music, unity and progression are the way forward. Doing so, all the proceeds from this junglist starter kit goes to a charity to help fight for civil rights. Through the power of solidarity in music, we seek to solidarity in all. If you feel inclined to purchase this release in full I encourage you to go through the bandcamp website located here or down below!

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