Conrad Subs – Hold It Down [MAAD TING]

by | May 21, 2018 | Tunes

Every so often in those dark hours of the early morning, it’s always a surprise to find a track you normally wouldn’t have found without a little gumption and Google. In the world of Drum & Bass and its associated sub-genres, it can also be an overwhelming prospect in finding a “center” to the genre’s culture in the eyes of a newcomer; especially for those used to the incredibly mainstream worlds of house and trap. Within these dismal searches in the caves of music subculture rises a new phoenix released just on the cusp of May 20th, called “Hold It Down,” a powerful D+B jungle-infused track from Conrad Subs on the MAAD TING label.

While having a heavy set of jungle influences, “Hold It Down” poses as a 4-minute romp filled with D+B, reggae, police sirens, and a distinct Caribbean vibe carrying the intensely specific percussion of the track. While “Hold It Down” may be D+B and Jungle in nature, Conrad Subs has no issue diving into genres alien to the scene which might upset purists and minimalist fans looking for rigid styles. The tempo of the layered percussion and the rhythmic hits of the bass make this entry a tropical LSD trip for anyone looking to find a track complicated yet diverse enough to make you say, “huh, that works.” These tropical influences sprinkled throughout would find a comfy home in the American hip-hop mainstream, in relation to the trends  of simple delivery matched with complicated production.

As a later pause in the track gives way to reggae vocalizations and the tropical influences come into full force, heavier bass is invited back into the mix which only makes the last minute of the track even more delectable to those with eclectic tastes. While Conrad Subs’ style is undeniably UK DNB by nature, “Hold It Down” serves as the best curve-ball for those in the club who won’t stop talking about the newest Getter track.

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