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Conrad Subs – Temple EP Form12243

Form 12243
Release date 25/02/22

1. Conrad Subs – Temple
2. Conrad Subs – Like No One Before
3. Conrad Subs – Slab
4. Conrad Subs – Blunt Edge
5. Conrad Subs – Chow Down

Conrad Subs is surely one of the hardest working producers around with releases on labels such as Soulvent Records, Deep In The Jungle Records, Nuusic, Symmetry Recordings, Ram Records, LionDub International, Liquid V and Dread Recordings just to name a few. The legendary Leicester based label Formation Records run by drum n bass icon DJ SS provides a home for the latest EP.

The title track is called Temple. A breathy intro is followed by jungle style breaks and a rolling sub bassline. It’s a decent opener and will work well in any standard dnb mix. The drum work is very strong and authentic as with most Conrad Subs tunes. The rave stab doesn’t sit as perfectly as I would have liked but it’s still a strong opener.

The second track, ‘Like No One Before’, is an anthem of sorts. With a fairly chill introduction it quickly expands into a dancefloor track with soul vibes and lots of clever fills and heavy subs. The production is tight and there’s plenty of headroom which means this would be a delight to mix.

‘Slab’ is for me one of strongest number here. It starts with a lush progression that soon opens up into this ripping bass stomper of a tune. It would work in almost any mix. As with many of these tunes they are dark enough to fit in the heaviest sets and also bring out a bit of dirt in a more minimal set. They have some nice light and dark. Slab is a good example of this.

Blunt Edge is an experimental track in essence. The flangey old skool drums work well with the bass and the jungle vibes meander around the listener keeping the authentic feel of that Bristol style sound. Could imagine Krust making a tune like this

Chow Down is very 90s in sound but strong and chunky and the kind of track that would rip nicely through a good system. The bassline warbles around and the drums are filtered nicely and balanced. There is a crispness to the song which is a running theme throughout the EP and I would say particularly strong on this tune. Arguably the strongest song in its construction it will be a firm favourite on dance floors I have no doubt.

Although there are no clips of the EP as yet the release date is next Friday 25th Feb. I have included some links to some of his work if you are not familiar with the man!

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