Consouls – Psychosis feat: J-tec

by | Sep 22, 2015 | Tunes

Raver crew!! Get ready for the emergence of Consouls and they’re debut EP “Preamble” fresh off of Patrol the Skies music. These two have been tearing up the west coast with big sounds over the last year and chances are, if you are into drum and bass at all, you have heard parts of this album played out by some of the biggest dj’s in the game. Or you may have heard some of these tunes on insomniacs Nocturnal Wonderland trailers. Either way these guys are in the face of dnb, staring it down like a prize fighter after a bloody first round. The tune that I would like to feature off of this big new album is “Psychosis” featuring the talented J’tec mc. This tune really embodies the current state of dnb in my opinion. The laser beam synths mashed with the heavy builds, a touch of J-tec spitting fire and stepin’ drum line, there is no doubt this tune can get a dance floor crazy. This album is a must have for all drum and bass djs. Any dj who is playing the festival scene should have this as well, even if your not a drum and bass dj! Because that is where this type of sound can really thrive and catch listeners off guard, having the ability to make new dnb fans by the second. Preamble will be dropping this Thursday (9.24.15) on all reliable and legal music sites. So… BUY IT AND PLAY IT LOUD!! much respect to Troy and Shane Consouls for breaking out with such a solid release, and I catch my self saying this a lot lately, but BIG UP Patrol the Skies music for continuing to bring us great music so consistently.

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