Contra – Like A Ghost [Liondub International]

by | Feb 14, 2016 | Tunes

The first thing that stuck me when listening to the newest release in the Street Series from Liondub International is just how well balanced it is. It has rough and rugged elements as well as sense of calmness and ease to it. It walks that line between jungle, liquid, and tough streetwise drum and bass all at the same time, and it works! All five tracks on this ep make up a great versatile, honest, and top notch release. The one track that I seemed to gravitate the most out of the five is “Like A Ghost”. It is full of classic jungle breaks, filtered drum sweeps, haunting vocals, and hoover stabs to keep you moving. There is also a subtleness to this one that seems to sit in the background edits that lets the tune breathe and have even more room within the breaks. This is one ep that each track deserves your attention and airtime. Released Feb 19th, and worth ever cent!

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