Control Change – “We Got Some Melodies” [BNC Express]

by | Apr 24, 2018 | Tunes

Released on the eve of 4/23 and just two days after the famous “420,” the duo comprised of Italian-born D&B artists TruPak and PROMENADE dropped their newest single under the Control Change moniker, “We Got Some Melodies.”

As an odd title for the dirtier world of Drum + Bass, Control Change’s new single keeps a steady genre-laden beat but later decides to venture into softer realms. The single displays the dreamy contributions from PROMENADE’s more melodic style paired with TruPak’s aggressively manic take on the genre norms, but comes together finding balance within the chaos. Control Change utilizes a soft continuous beat with intermittent soulful vocalizations over mixed ambient synth and piano melodies.

With this new single being the newest installment of Control Change and BNC Express‘s Club Mates Part 3, “We Got Some Melodies” offers a stylistic alternative for those who have been following the U.K. and U.S. drum and bass scenes, respectively. While the track does have the possibility of turning off those looking for grittier textures, new listeners to the track can appreciate the fun production and get past their gripes for accepting the change of pace. “We Got Some Melodies” can be the ideal addition for any listener looking to break up their playlist with more relaxed euphoric material to drown the middle lulls of a party while also digging the nod to some traditional vocal house through the samples.

Download the track here.

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