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Bulgaria can be a dark place – from the drones of black and death metal lurking in the shadows to a horde of marauders bent on shifting the drum ‘n bass genre on its head. Well-known artists include Ogonek, Ioanna Syze (Joana Syze), Thought, and the artist known as Ivan Shopov or, as we know him – COOH.

Cooh’s latest album, Transcension was released on Panacea’s Position Chrome in 2018. The 16-track long-player hosts a varied selection of styles, truly showing Cooh’s artistic prowess. In addition to Cooh’s techno-influenced, in-your-face steppy beats – even the pickiest of selectors will find something to sway the floor.

The darkened bliss of Splitter drags half-time, techno-influenced beats to the speaker alongside a unique and soul-shattering sound design that Cooh is praised upon. Rokit‘s ability to transform a dance-floor is paramount, as eerie melodic elements pollute the backdrop, while hip-swaying, drums turn human flesh into demonic expression. Whole Tone speeds up the mass, jutting the tempo increasingly forward before Wing takes the Transcension title to another level. Meditative pads allow for a moment of introspection, before Cooh’s trademark brain-smashing, reverberant hits paralyze the mind. Microscosmos continues the journey, giving us a slow dive into grimey oscillations and an ethereal feel to drive the bliss even deeper. Cops is a smasher indeed, as Ultraviolet takes it back to the doom-esque, sewer-crawling splendor that Splitter began at Transcension’s genesis. Branches‘ beauty is unparalleled, showcasing Cooh’s film scoring skills – until we get smacked one more time. The half-time head-nodding chaos of this one will pull the metalhead militia into the drum ‘n bass soiree.

The second half of the album leads in with ambient tones of Snow Box. Those who dig Aphex Twin will want to dive into this one. Anten is another smasher of a tune, for those who aren’t finished or haven’t acquired whiplash. Tron‘s beauty can be admired for its danceability, as well as the flawless transitions between pieces.

Take the Whole Tone. Cut it in half, and now we have Half Tone. Don’t expect this one to be any smaller though. Cooh nails this one to the floor and shows no sign of slowing down. The Advice is another swampy smasher, while Critical Mass and Tomorrow’s Harvest take it down a few notches into the ambient, and intelligent realms, and to a blissful end of a powerful album.

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