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Ehhhh yoooo!  What do we need more of in Neurofunk?  That’s right, vocals from MC Coppa!  It’s…..about……..go….DOWN!

One of Neuro’s most notorious names in the vocal department who has set on fire many releases on big name labels like Eatbrain, Blackout, RAM, Viper and Korsakov bringing that unforgettable sound of his rich vocal tones.  He is also a mainstay of the Eatbrain League and performs on stage with all the greats in the scene.

Producers!!  Listen up!   Now you can have Coppa (Almost) in your studio  when you have been scratching your head trying to find a decent vocal sample to finally finish that tune you’ve been working on for months by buying his brand new Neuro DNB Vocals Volume 1!  What a treat!!

The vocals are also 100% Royalty Free!

I don’t produce myself but I am very much looking forward to what people bring out with Coppas vocal talent intertwined within their music!  Guaranteed though I’ll drop a tune with Coppas vocals on without hesitation when I DJ.

The pack is out now and can be purchased here:

Heres a rundown of what the pack contains:

x25 clean verses hook and buildup vocals 

x25 effected verses hook and buildup vocals

x3 full songs (2 verses each) clean and effected

x10  effected 2 bars loops

x35 vocal shouts clean

x20 effected words/phrases

And lastly have a little preview below as to what you’ll be missing out on if you don’t buy this pack!


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