Cranium & Sammie Hall ‘Holding On’ (The Remixes) [Druid Records]

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Cranium and Sammie Hall manifested a beautiful ballad in the original composition of “Holding On” overflowing with comforting melodies, soothing vibes, angelic vocals and thick, rolling basslines. Now Druid Records gives us four new takes on this tantalizing track including a VIP from Cranium and remixes from Sola, Nickbee and Airglo to breathe new life into this song and create a variation to satisfy any mind. Let’s get a closer look at these refits!

The “VIP Mix” from Cranium cranks things up for a wicked start. This technically funky variation cuts, chops and splices the stems mutating “Holding On” into an entirely new machine. Mutating the composition with emphasis on notes that carry deep and low the VIP mix from Cranium is a monstrously heavy, in your face dance floor killer, quite the contrast to the softness of the original but severely addicting all the same.

Sola’s Remix caresses the softer side of this track with a similarly sweet intro that’s a bit more energetic boasting furiously fused beats. A darker spin on the drop brings a great blend to this track utilizing elements from the original to the fullest with revamped rhythms and a booming new bass design to give Sola’s remix of “Holding On” a more cinematic feel.

Nickbee steps in the ring with a fierce remix kicking things off in this variation of “Holding On” with a lighter, more atmospheric intro to accentuate the vocal stems to the fullest. The drop is a beautifully orchestrated symphony of drum and bass. Raw cuts on the stems report with extra punch that really get the rhythm grooving with soft effects glide through the track with ease. Nickbee balances Sammie Hall’s vocals with brilliant vibrancy, they fit as if they were made for this remix.

A more aggressive intro on the remix from Airglo really livens things up with radical renovations on the vocal stem stuttering it intensely through the build over deep, rumbling basslines only to cut to a light and spacious utilization of the verse soothing the beast as it rebuilds to the drop. A savage bassline roars and climbs amidst the vocal cuts with a fresh drum pattern sprinkled with remnants from the original composition. A more emotive blend tumbles between lightness and darkness to keep the floor “Holding On” til the end.

Four stellar samples of how one song can become absolutely anything when creative minds come together and let loose. The worst part about it is having to pick a favorite!! Which one are you feeling the most? Let us all know in the comments below and keep it locked to Best Drum and Bass as we continue to bring you more from the dnb world.

Holding On (The Remixes) hits Beatport and Spotify on 27 August, reaching a full range of digital streaming platforms on 10 September 2021.







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